10-20-17 Friday

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Note: I am in Myrtle Beach this week with family, but have pre-written and scheduled posts to go live each day at the usual time. I’m sure I’ll be posting (non-kitten) pictures from Myrtle Beach on Instagram (which will auto-post to the L&H Facebook page), if you’d like to follow along.


Phoenix certainly does love her mama.

Aurora, too. (I love the way she’s using Mercury’s paw as a pillow.)

Stardust? She loves her mama, just a little.

Telstar and Hubble are total mama’s boys.

Hubble and Mercury. I love the way this picture shows off their eye color.

Dismal, rainy day – no better time to snuggle up with Mama!


“What? Just two ornj boys, hanging out.” (Frankie and (behind the boxes), Stefan.)

Frankie update: He’s doing well. Fred started him on the liquid Atopica last week, and either Fred’s become a genius at getting the liquid far enough back that Frankie can’t taste it, or Frankie’s taste buds are shot, or maybe Frankie just doesn’t hate the taste of it. Tommy reacted fiercely to the taste of the Atopica and always drooled, but Frankie just swallows it with no reaction at all, so that’s good. He’s on Atopica and steroids together for 30 days, and then Fred will wean him off the steroids and we’ll see if the Atopica is doing the job. If so, then he can stay on it forever. If not, then we’ll go back to the steroids for good. Fingers crossed!


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10-20-17 Friday — 7 Comments

  1. I hope you are having a wonderful time on your vacation. Enjoy.
    Thanks for the Frankie update. I was in a medical meeting yesterday and one of the medications discussed was cyclosporine and all I could think of was Frankie. You think maybe I am a little cat crazy?

  2. We have one who’s probably going to need to go on atopica, he repeatedly gets pouty lower lip and we can’t keep doing prednisone every two months. I’ve been warned it tastes awful, we’ll see how we do with it…

  3. They look huge when lying next to mama! Hard to believe these little monkeys came out of her all tiny and fragile, full of marshmallow fluff and cotton candy.

    Great to hear that Frankie’s not giving you grief when it comes to his meds. Are the steroids injected, or is it a pill?

    (BTW, loved re-reading the 2014 post about Catelyn meeting her new partners!)

  4. I have a cat that’s on atopica and prednisolone for life (along with a bunch of other meds). He absolutely hates liquid medicines but tolerates pills. So we get empty pill capsules and just put everything (atopica, pred, etc) in the capsule, dunk it in some water so it’ll go down easier, and then pop it in his mouth. That way we’re getting everything in at one shot.

  5. OMG Maddy on the printer XD Catelyn really was a floofilicious beauty.

    So glad to hear that Frankie is doing well.