10-19-17 Thursday

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Note: I am in Myrtle Beach this week with family, but have pre-written and scheduled posts to go live each day at the usual time. I’m sure I’ll be posting (non-kitten) pictures from Myrtle Beach on Instagram (which will auto-post to the L&H Facebook page), if you’d like to follow along.


Don’t be fooled by that Ear of Annoyance, she lurves me.

Phoenix, sound asleep. OH, that little pink nose. It is utterly kissable.

Aurora from above.

Stardust appears to be a bit appalled.

“WHAT.” I adore the way Phoenix is laying with her wee paws crossed atop her brother. She is a LAYDEE, you know.

Aurora wonders “What you doin’, weird lady?”

Dangly leg.


It’s a Dewbs. (Dewey, in case that nickname is confusing.)


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10-19-17 Thursday — 5 Comments

  1. I bet these guys are going to make great napping partners once you’re home.

    How you haven’t squooshed all the marshmallow fluff and glitter from their wee heads by now is beyond me.

  2. I notice that Mercury has a black liner around the pink nose–Dewey too, but Phoenix does not. I had a white girl with the liner, but my current white boy does not have one. I wonder what the genetics are that cause this.