10-24-18 Wednesday

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Hey! Do you remember these little faces from back in August?

Of course you do, it hasn’t been THAT long. That is ornj floofypants Dexter and his sweet sister Millinocket, who were adopted TOGETHER.

I bet you know what you’re going to see next. That’s right, an update!

Dexter is still Dexter, but Millinocket is now Molly (I love that!), and they are doing fabulously well!

I probably didn’t say this at the time, but I was a little worried about Millinocket when they went to Petsmart because she tends to be a bit reserved and I thought she might not “show” well. Sharon reported that Molly was reserved at first, but by day 3 she was interacting with everyone just fine. (Dexter “doesn’t know a stranger,” which doesn’t surprise me at ALL.) Molly likes to snuggle up with Sharon while she’s working (awww!) and Dexter will eventually show up and snooze atop the climber.

They have an older ornj brother Angus who looks after them, which I think is SO sweet! He loves to wrestle, and Molly wears him out with her wrasslin’ moves. Dexter follows him around and mimics him.



Nanny/big brother Angus, who is 3. He and Dexter LOOK like brothers, don’t they?

Molly has taken to big sister Smoke – who isn’t sure what to think about THAT – and even got her to wash her head. Speaking of washing, Molly and Dexter are fascinated by the shower. All those baths when they were little!

Thank you for the wonderful update, Sharon!

(Speaking of water babies, foster sister Ellie (Eliot) is turning out to be a water baby, too – you can see the story on their Facebook page!)


Ryder, keeping an eye on things. (Ryder is scheduled to be spayed in one week. Please keep your fingers crossed that she doesn’t go into heat before then. She’s got a voice that really carries when she wants it to (she sounds a LOT like Archie), and I SO don’t want to have to suffer through listening to her in heat!)

Cruise shows off her belly.

Solenoid enjoys the big comfy bed.

There’s plenty of room in that bed for more kittens, but do you suppose I could convince them all to climb in and stay there for a picture? Of COURSE not.

Cam in my lap, with Fender’s butt in her face.

Perhaps I’ve mentioned that these kittens LOVE that scratcher bowl? (That’s Axle, with Solenoid (left) and Pulley.)

“What, lady?”

Clutch and Pulley try out the pie plate (and watch the birds out the window.)

Solenoid always looks as though I’ve accused her of something she didn’t do and I’ve hurt her feelings. (That’s Gauge next to her.)

Show ’em off while you’ve got ’em, kid. (Dynamo & Gauge)


I went to a paint party at Pinot’s Palette Sunday (it was a Forgotten Felines fundraiser). I didn’t care for my painting – I am NOT a painter! – but had a lot of fun doing it. Kara, however, found my painting QUITE comfy and spent the night snoozing atop it. I sense a new marketing angle for Pinot’s Palette.

PS: In case you missed it at the bottom of yesterday’s post, it’s been TEN years since we adopted Kara! The list of names we were considering for her makes me laugh considering we never changed it and we almost always call her “Mama.”


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  1. I can only imagine how awesomely cool it would be to walk past your house and see little kitten heads popping up randomly in windows, what with all the bird watching spots they have.

    So, so happy to see Molly and Dexter in their happy home!