10-25-18 Thursday

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I walked into the foster room a couple of days ago to find all 9 of the kittens curled up together in the middle of the floor.

(Okay, that’s a lie. 8 of the 9 were curled up together. Pulley was over on the little blue cat tree, and I picked her up and put her with the others, and she stayed there. But let’s go with I walked in and found them all together, okay? I couldn’t convince Ryder to join the group, which would have made it the perfect picture.)

They’re a yawny bunch.

Before I share these next two pictures, I should mention that last weekend we started letting Ryder and the kittens have the run of the upstairs (they can’t get into Fred’s office or downstairs, and the permanent residents can’t get upstairs since we have the front staircase blocked with a tall piece of cardboard.) I got out the feather teaser and started whipping it around, and managed to get a couple of pictures of all 9 of them (again, Ryder had better things to do.)

I love that Pulley (on the left) and Cruise were talking to the feather teaser.

Solenoid readies her slappin’ paw.

Solenoid gets her ::SPROING:: on. There’s something that has captured her interest (there’s a pocket door there, so it’s probably something on the end of the door) and she sproings like this every so often.

Flirty Cruise.

Flirty Clutch.

Pulley has a skeptical.

“Strangling my brother? I’d NEVER.”

Oh Axle, you GORGEOUS boy!

Clutch swings! (And misses.)


Jake takes his loons for a stroll.

Then decides to head in another direction.


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10-25-18 Thursday — 7 Comments

  1. What beautiful babies! Jake is just camera shy, he’s so handsome the paparazzi are always after him!

  2. I love how there just has to be “that guy” in each of the floor pictures, yawning and being the goof.

  3. Strangle my brother – made me laugh.
    Work has blocked this site. Now I am phone bound! Grrrrr.

  4. Are Axle’s eyes still really blue? Because man oh man is that gorgeous right now.