10-26-18 Friday

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Are Axle’s eyes still really blue? Because man oh man is that gorgeous right now.

I was going to say “They’re really not that blue, they just come across that way in pictures,” but then he flopped down on Fred’s bed in full sunlight, and…

Um, yeah! There’s a lot of blue there, still! (I did nothing to this picture other than crop it a bit. His eyes are really that color!) I don’t expect them to stay that color… but wouldn’t it be wonderful if they did? SO gorgeous!


just out of curiosity… does Fred take any kitten pictures while you are out of town? I know you pre-write your daily posts, but wasn’t sure about the random fb pictures you post.

He didn’t take any pictures while I was gone this time. The pictures that posted to Instagram/Facebook/Twitter were pre-scheduled via Grum, and I still had to log into Instagram to share them to Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr manually. Getting ready to go on vacation was a pretty big undertaking this time around, to say the least!

It usually depends on how old the kittens are as to whether I ask him to take pictures. If they’re very young (like Nola’s kittens were when I went to Florida last spring) I ask him to take pictures so that I can see the changes. In fact, if I recall correctly he did take pictures for me and I had partially written posts for the week and just added his pictures in. (That would be the posts that began with this one.) That turned out to be such a pain due to a not-great internet signal that I swore I wouldn’t do it that way again.


What WAS that fabulous-looking dessert, anyway?

Creme Brulee and Key Lime pie in the back, and Bananas Foster in the front. The Bananas Foster was mine and it was HUGE; I couldn’t even eat 1/3 of it, but it was really good.


If you haven’t seen that video of Gauge and the mirror, go see it on Facebook, because it’s good for a guffaw or two.

Here it is!

YouTube link


That first shot of Clutch, Dynamo and Cam looks like the promo photo for their band’s upcoming CD. 😉 🙂

Yes it does!


I’m more interested in where you got the very high sided box…

It’s a Modkat Flip litter box, without the top and liner. I got it from Amazon – warning: it ain’t cheap! I needed something with high sides that’s sturdy and holds up well to constant use, and so far (I got mine in March), I’m giving it two thumbs up.


Oh My Gosh! Cruise has a fish or shark on her tummy!!!!!


That white spot on Cruise’s chest…is that not a catnip leaf?


Cruise has a hurricane mark on her chest!

I think Cruise’s belly must be like a Rorschach test – everyone sees something different and it gives us insight into your psychological state (or not).


I came here looking for a link to the baskets. They are my favorite thing that you have. I LOVE to see the pics of the kittens in them. Could you please include info/links for them? Thanks.

Unfortunately, the company that made the basket I use – Carrie Belle’s Calicos – no longer makes them (I got it on eBay 3 years ago, and the seller who sold them to me doesn’t have any more.) I highly recommend the Etsy shop Wexford Treasures, I’ve bought baskets from them in the past and they hold up very well.

If anyone has any basket suggestions, I am all ears – our basket is holding up very well, but I’m wishing I’d bought an extra just to be safe.

PS: If you’re the crafty sort, you can make your own following this or any number of YouTube tutorials. (I saved that tutorial about 7 years ago and have been thinking, since I saved it, that I’d be making one annnnnny minute now. HA.)


Is Solenoid cross eyed or just looking at you funny?

She’s not fully cross-eyed, but her eyes do appear to be a bit askew. I think Cruise’s eyes are the same way.


Was he seriously asleep in that position?

No, he was just hanging out being a goober.


Ha I wonder if we crossed paths at the Charlotte airport? Or can you get a direct flight to MB?

I had a three hour layover in Charlotte BOTH ways, so we very well may have crossed paths!


I could use a little advice from you and/or your readers. I have 2 indoor 8yo cats, one of whom is a diva – very protective of her territory. 3 years ago we moved to this house and I discovered two feral kittens wandering in and out of our yard. I was able to TNR, and began feeding them. Fast forward to tonight, and one of the outside brothers attempted to come inside (where it’s warm). I want so badly to let them in, but I don’t want to cause my diva any undue stress. I know the routine of isolation, site swapping, and all, but is there any way to make it even smoother for my diva?

I would check with your vet on this, but giving her Zylkene (affiliate link to Amazon; you might be able to find it less expensive elsewhere) and using Feliway plug-ins might help. (Note on Zylkene: we used it with Maxi when we moved into this house in hopes that it would make her less angry about the fact that she had to be around the other cats. It did help – it didn’t make her like the cats or anything (it’s not MAGIC), but it did help to take the edge off her anger.)

Most of all, though, I would suggest that you take it VERY VERY VERY slow. Like, glacially slow.

If anyone else has suggestions, please chime in!

(I’m sorry it took so long to respond to this, Candace – I missed it when you first posted it, probably because I was on vacation.)


Comfiest spot in the room, apparently.

The cat tree in my room is popular, too.

You can really see the eye color difference between Cam (left) and Cruise.

Fender and Pulley consider their next move.

Cruise makes herself at home.

Dynamo has a think.

Pulley has a skeptical.

Solenoid has a ::thlurrrp::

Cam and Gauge were snoozing between the pillows when I walked into the room, and they had to sit up and see what was going on.

Ryder, looking a bit disgruntled.

Fender and Gauge at naptime.

Fender in the sun.

And Cam in the sun.


As long as you’re comfy, Alice.

YouTube link


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10-26-18 Friday — 3 Comments

  1. LOL! That album cover is great. I think you should make a calendar of album covers for this year!

  2. These kittens didn’t come from the same kitten factory as Lucy’s Fools but there are several that remind me of them.

  3. My one memory of Charlotte was having a layover at 6 AM. First leg was so early not even Starbucks was open yet when the flight boarded, so when we deplaned, literally half the plane beelined for Starbucks. I met more people from my flight in in the Starbucks line than on the plane.

    And oh Axle, your eyes are amazing. Check out that gold ring against the blue.