8-13-18 Monday

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I don’t know about y’all, but I can certainly relate to Amber (formerly Ambercup) here:

Go away world, I want to sleep.

Can we all just go back to bed and cancel Monday, please?

(Thanks, Debra!)


I think the baths are (fingers and toes and tails crossed) coming to an end. I may do one more week’s worth of baths just to be safe, but we’ll see how I feel about it when Wednesday comes.

I did 5 baths Saturday and 4 on Sunday, and managed to get some pretty good pictures (I took pictures of all the kittens during bath time, but a lot of them didn’t come out). So here you go – wet kittens to kick off the week right!

Our boy Buxton actually enjoyed his bath this time around. He never stopped purring! He looks huge here, but he barely weighs 3 pounds, so trust me when I say he’s still a little guy.

Such a cutie.

Eliot. If looks could kill! (She was purring when I took this picture, though, I promise!) (PS: Eliot is a girl, which I’ve known for a couple of weeks and keep forgetting to tell you, so I’m telling you – she’s a girl and will remain Eliot, because that’s a perfectly acceptable girl name.)

Dexter is not sure about this whole bath thing.

KennyBorkBorkMoopTheThird is horrified at all that water on the mirror. What kitten would ever shake all that water all over the mirror? Not HIM.

“Wasn’t me, and if it was you couldn’t prove it, and if you could it was an accident.”

After I bathe them, I put them in a carrier then turn on the space heater, open the front of the carrier, and leave them in the bathroom for about half an hour. When I came back in, they were all hanging out in the path of the heat from the space heater, mostly dry, and ready to go back to the foster room.

Moop, grinning at his own joke.

Sunday baths:

Arundel, giving me the look of Lady-How-COULD-You?!

Bethel, in the moment before she leaped into my arms.

Otis, who looks not very marshmallow-like here, is another kitten who enjoyed his bath. When I was pouring the water along his back to rinse him, he arched his back to meet the water.

I had to convince him that he did NOT want to climb into that (full-of-water) bucket.

Curly boy.


Dewey, like Jake, just loves to rub against the handles of that wheelbarrow.


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