8-9-18 Thursday

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So, remember how Scott and Debi were recently adopted together? Michelle called me the next day and asked if the kittens had ever been around dogs before. They hadn’t, which made the fact that they had NO reaction to their new doggy sibling kind of amazing. Apparently the dog was barking and the kittens were all like ::shrug::

Well, apparently they’re now BFFs with their doggy brother (I think it’s a brother, I don’t remember for sure), and things like this happen.

That is our girl Debi and our boy Scott, IN a big ol’ dog/cat bed all snuggled up with their doggy sibling. How adorable is that?!


This is how snack time happens in the foster room.

7 kittens gathered around the plate, eating.

1 Moop up on the counter with his very own plate of canned food mixed with baby food. He was just NOT gaining weight even though he’d belly up to the plate with his brothers and sisters, so I started feeding him separately, which he likes a LOT and now demands. (And which has helped him to finally start gaining weight!) Note to his future family: Sorry for creating a monster, but I needed his floofy butt to get over 2 pounds!

And 1 Arundel, in her bed by the window. She doesn’t eat with the PEASANTS, thank you, and will wander along later to eat some leftovers when the crowd has dispersed.

Dexter, getting thlurrrpy.

Bethel also.

And also Calais. It’s like they know it’s Thlurrrpsday!

Bethel likes to multi-task: thlurrrping AND the Ears of Annoyance!

Otis with attitude. I know his nose looks dirtyish here, but it’s actually not. All I can guess is that because the fur there is thin, it photographs darker for some reason. I don’t know – alls I know is that he’s stopped getting food all over his face at every meal.

I had Arundel perfectly framed in a picture and then she moved, so here. Admire her tail.

KennyBorkBorkMoop from above.


Stefan update: last weekend we were pretty sure we were on the verge of saying goodbye to Stefan. He had a couple of not-great* days, and we thought it was nearly time. Then Monday and Tuesday were really good days, but yesterday was much less good.

We still don’t know if he’s going to pull out of this. We have another couple of weeks before we can rerun the blood tests and see if there’s been any improvement. He’s not fighting being syringe-fed by Fred, and Fred is getting enough food into him to at least maintain his (too thin) weight, so we’re still in wait-and-see-and-hope mode.

*I’m using “not-great” as a descriptor because “bad” isn’t what they were. He’s not in pain and I feel like “bad” would make y’all think that. On not-great days he just doesn’t do… anything. He sleeps very hard, doesn’t move around, won’t eat crunchies that we offer him. Just not what we want to see – he’s never been a high-energy cat, of course, but the way he’s been these past few weeks is beyond low-energy.


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