8-30-18 Thursday

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Listen, in case you didn’t know this, Calais would like you to know that that ceiling fan pull chain is VERRRRY interesting!

1 out of 1 Moop agrees: that pull chain? FASCINATING!

Millie doesn’t care about any silly ol’ chain.

Arundel’s more interested in the track toy.

Bethel’s too busy snooping around on the shelves. (It always amazes me when people actually use the bottom couple of shelves on their bookcases for anything, since in this house whatever’s on those bottom shelves are just going to get pushed off or barfed upon.)

“Watching you, lady.”

“Me too.”

“Got any room in that hammock for me?”
“Nope, sorry. All full up!”


“That’s the last time I share anything with HIM.”

“There’s plenty of room in there! Let me in!”
“Nope, sorry.”

“DEXTER. Come on, scoot over!”

But eventually a kitten’s got to go to the litter box…

Doesn’t Buxton look comfy?


This is where the Sheriff (Kara) spends her nights, on the island in the kitchen. I think she likes the location – and no one else seems to much care for being up there, except occasionally Archie.


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