8-2-18 Thursday

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Otis likes to show off his bits ‘n bobbles.

Moop adores toys with feathers attached.

Don’t you try to touch his toy or he’ll wrap it up tight and growl.

(Speaking of toys – when I scrub down the kitten room every 3 days, I toss all their toys into a lingerie bag and run the whole thing through the washer with bleach on hot water, and all the toys have held up amazingly well. The only toy that didn’t make it through was a spring toy – like this – which melted and lost its shape. Luckily, we’ve got more – that is Calais’s favorite toy of all time.)

“Can’t believe you killed my toy, lady. You’ve got some nerve.”

Bethel is the living embodiment of the saying “If you leap, the net will appear.” That girl will LEAP at me without ever considering that I might not catch her. I guess that means she’s very trusting.

“We is having quiet time, lady. You go ‘way.”

Buxton is like “Seriously?” and Eliot is like “O Lord, why is this lady and her camera always following me around?”

Eliot’s got some fabulous whiskers.


Arundel is busy refereeing this tussle between Otis and Eliot and would prefer not to be disturbed, if y’don’t mind.

Dexter sitting around with his tongue sticking out because why not?

Otis and Bethel snuggle up.

I’m pretty sure that Millie – voted Best Biscuit Maker in the foster room by all 8 of her siblings – needs a kiss.


We have now reached the point where, if I’m not in the living room when Khal thinks it’s time to watch TV, he’ll come find me and meow bossily at me.


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