8-20-18 Monday

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Oh my lord, how SWEET is this!

Amber giving Stardust a hug…

That, of course, is Amber (formerly Ambercup of the Squash Bugs – who were with us at this time three years ago), and Stardust of Mercury’s Missions (who were with us this time last year), showing off some sisterly looove.

(Thanks, Debra!)


Otis, Buxton and Eliot (who are actually siblings), lined up together. (I tried to get Dexter, Moop and Millie lined up together, but they were uncooperative.)

Buxton, Dexter (in the back), Bethel (yes, her eyes really are that gorgeous in real life), and Calais.

Bethel and Calais, scheming on how to get their paws on the feather teaser.

Sweet, patient Dexter.

Millinocket (I adore her two white whiskers.)

Eliot and Calais, posing for me. Aren’t they adorable?

Bethel seems confused and Dexter is patiently waiting until I do the right thing and give him the feather teaser.

8 of the 9.

Same 8, different positions. Who’s messing up my attempt to get all 9 in one picture, do you think?

Smartypants Buxton, who knows that if he’s at my feet, he’s closer to the feather teaser (he hasn’t tried climbing my legs, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.)

You can’t see all 9 of their faces, but this is as good as it got this time around.

Dexter, continuing to patiently wait. He is such a MUFFIN.


In case you missed it, I made a video of just how the magic of getting 9 kittens to line up for a picture happens. (Spoiler: it’s all about the feather teaser.)

YouTube link


If I’d realized how pretty the monkey grass would be when it bloomed, I wouldn’t have been so annoyed by the fact that there’s SO much of it in the back yard. But look how pretty!

“Yes, I AM beautiful, thank you.”


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