8-20-12 – ‘Mater Monday

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In case you missed it over the weekend, I had some sad news about Rupert.

Thank you so much, everyone, for your kind words. It means a lot to us. We miss Rupert a lot and aren’t used to not having him here – every time we see something white outside, we both think for a moment that it’s him before we remember.

Anna D. asked if the other outside cats have noticed that he’s gone. To me, Maxi seems a bit unsettled. She and Rupert had become pretty good friends, to the point where they were usually near each other (though I’m pretty sure she would completely DENY being friends with him), and she seems like she knows something’s not right. She’s getting lots of love and petting, and I’m sure she’ll adjust eventually, it’ll just take time for us all.

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And now, on to the good news. First, Fianna was adopted Friday night. Then Saturday, Kennebec was adopted with another Challenger’s House kitten! That means all the Taters have now been adopted.

Interestingly, Kennebec was adopted with a little cutie-pie named Mercedes who was actually from the same litter as Russet (Cap’n Floof) and Norland (General Grumpy), so that’s a neat coincidence.

Still no adoption love for Miss Razzie. I have to say, though, that she’s not suffering. Saturday morning I played with her and snuggled with her at Petsmart, and she was happy and purring and playful. Then I put her back in her cage and she was fine with going back in, so she doesn’t hate being in the cage.

What, you may be asking yourself, was I doing at Petsmart on Saturday morning?

Well, Friday afternoon I got the word that there was room at Petsmart all the ‘Maters, so Saturday morning, early, I took them to Petsmart and got them settled.


Saturday afternoon, BRANDYWINE WAS ADOPTED. Not even 12 hours in the cage for that sweet girl!

Didn’t I tell y’all that she was going to go amazingly, incredibly, super-duper-ly fast? Okay, maybe I tend to say that about all my fosters, but for once, I was right!

So that is why today is ‘Mater Monday. I’m going to share the rest of the ‘Maters pics and a few videos of them. The Pickles will resume tomorrow.

Don’t expect a new litter too soon – we’re taking a short break from having two litters at a time. While we have just (“just!”) the one litter, I’m considering moving the Pickles down to the guest bedroom for a couple of days and repainting the walls and trim of the foster room, which desperately needs it.

But more than likely I’ll wait ’til this Fall when it isn’t so warm and humid and wouldn’t take 63 days for the paint to dry. Also, any time I can procrastinate, I do. It’s one of my many charms.

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‘Maters ‘Maters ‘Maters!!!

It’s that time of year when the cats find dead or dying Cicadas in the back yard and bring them into the house. Yes, Jake, you are QUITE the hunter, picking up a half-dead bug and carrying it into the house. Brandywine and Mr. Stripey appreciated Jake’s efforts. Until I realized the cicada was still (a little bit) alive, whereupon I scooped it up and took it outside. Last thing I needed was an angry cicada getting his strength back and flying around the house dive-bombing us all. (Note: I don’t know that Cicadas actually (1) get angry or (2) dive bomb people. I’m just assuming they do, following the All Bugs are Evil principle.)

Brandywine, sniffing Sugarbutt’s toes.

“How does he get them to smell like CHEESE?”
(Side note: I had to call Fred to tell him that if Sugarbutt were a human, he’d be Ron Swanson. No, I don’t know why that thought just struck me.)

Dingwall Scotty, wearing his bright white dickey. (Did I just have a 10-minute discussion with Fred regarding whether that white patch is more of a dickey or an ascot? Did I really? Fred didn’t know what a dickey was, by the way. Here’s a link for those of you who don’t know what a dickey is. And here’s an ascot.)
Alternate caption: Dingwall Sanders.

Caspian, keeping an eye on the goings-on.

Sungold and Mr. Stripey in the box o’ paper, fighting it out.

Looks like Mr. Stripey has the upper paw, here.

Morning fight club in the kitchen. Note that Wellington stays out of the fray, in the box o’ paper.

Slappin’ the boy, just ’cause.

All she wanted was to rest, and HERE THEY CAME.

Brandywine discovered that if she goes up here, the kittens can’t get to her.

And if she goes up HERE, they especially can’t get to her.

And if she goes allllll the way up HERE, they haven’t got a chance in the world of getting to her!

“I need a ladder, lady.”

Just about nap time for Caspian. He’s fading fast.

Wellington, too. That box o’ paper is apparently QUITE comfy.

Dingwall Scotty was playing with that long-tailed mouse and then he was OUT.

Sleepytime for the baby ‘Maters.

“I wasn’t planning to bite his tail. Nope, not me!”

Good night, sweet boys.

And videos. The first, Brandywine disciplining her bratty little boys.

YouTube link

And in the second, the ‘Mater boys are STAR.VING. Jake makes a brief appearance. It was totally NOT snack time (at least, not in the first segment), but they were dying of starvation, clearly.

YouTube link

(Fingers crossed that there are a MILLION adoptions this week and Razzie AND all the ‘Mater boys go home!)

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Stinkerbelle, posing for her Glamour Shots portrait.


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  1. OMG… Brandywine kicking the kitteh in the head while chomping on the other one… Hilarious!

  2. What a stunning pic of Stinkerbelle.
    All those screaming babies crack me up! Poor Brandywine…had no peace! However, congrats to her and the other little ones adoptions! May they have long, healthy, happy lives!!!

  3. Oh, those little voices in the ‘Mater video! One of my cats immediately came over to investigate, going so far as to jump on the table (where he is SO not allowed) to examine my computer. Then he started complaining that HE was hungry too.

    I’m so happy for Brandywine! Clearly her good looks and personality did their work. But seriously, human Alabamans, what’s up? Why no love for Razzie?

  4. I did not have the starving scene in the foster room this morning… not at all. All three boys took off like bolts of lightning when I opened the door to the foster room. So Eloise got served breakfast for four kittens before I started searching for her brothers. They weren’t happy to be found… not one bit. Henry tried to escape again instead of eating his breakfast. Brat.

    Sugarbutt toes smell like cheese, huh? The more you know… 😉

    • I can’t confirm that myself, I had to go by what Brandywine said. I try to stay away from Sugarbutt’s toes. God knows where they’ve been. 😉

  5. I’m going to miss Brandywine, but I’m happy that she has found her “forever home”.

  6. Oh, you really can’t be too careful with cicadas! One time I was camping while they were dying (and they were the 17-year ones, do there were tons of them) and one of them totally dive-bombed me. Okay, more like fell out of a tree, but its intentions mattered less than the fact that it fell down my shirt and got caught in my bra. Where it proceeded to have its horrifying, scrabbly, buzzing death throes while I shrieked and hopped around. Not my finest moment there.

    • OMG…how horrible! I have a friend who was driving in her convertable when a HUGE dragonfly somehow got into the opening in her dress and thrashed about. It took everything he had to not wreck her car! Bless your heart….

      • I’m not scared of any bugs except Brown Recluse spiders, but adult cicadas creep me out big time. It’s the sheer numbers, I think. There was a hatch when I lived in Missouri and I just hated crunching on the thousands of corpses on my front walk… and those bug-eyed bugs completely covered every window and door screen!

        That’s not to mention the noise, neither!!

        All that being said, the adult cicadas don’t even have mouth parts, so they can’t even bite you. Now on the other hand, Brown Recluse spiders can and do bite. Wanna see my scar?

        • Oh you made me remember my days in Arizona….locus season. You couldn’t even see the road hardly and they would be an inch thick smooshed on your tires! Gah!

          • In terms of non-venomous bugs, I’m only scared of small cockroaches, not the big palmetto bugs but the little ones. The kind that can fit into your ear canal when you’re sleeping.

  7. Those videos are terrific. How great that a bunch of them got adopted. We sure do thank you for taking care of all of them so they can find a wonderful home. Have a great day

  8. Oh – how do your kittens just drop and sleep where they are?! It’s like they have narcolepsy! mine put themselves to bed on their blankey. Kind of fun to see sprawled collapsed kittens lying around everywhere. And yes – they sprung up at the sound of those starvin’ maters!

    • Mine usually put themselves to bed, but they were playing in the kitchen, the sun was warm, they must have decided to stay where they were! 🙂

  9. Oh, Razzie! If only my husband would welcome the presence of another kitty in the house, I would drive down to Petsmart and fill out some adoption papers TODAY! Unfortunately, if I did so without him caving first, it’d probably lead to pet escalation and we’d wind up with another puppy (which *I* would have to care for, and guess who’s not a dog person).

    Oh, and as for the cicada. I don’t know if they divebomb with malicious intent, but last year, when there were *ridiculous* numbers of them at the Tennessee Renfest, we certainly got divebombed by more than a few of them while touring the vendor tents. Just so ya know. 😉

  10. Those babies are determined. They will perservere through bunnykicks to the head and everything. Good on Brandywine for not tolerating that . I’m am ecstatic that she got adopted so quickly. I have a soft spot for torties.

    Also? I miss Stompies. 🙁

    • I knew she would find a way to let them know when the milk bar was closed for good. And I miss Stompers too.

  11. I bet Brandywine is so happy she won’t be taken down by the hungry hord anymore! But I miss Dingwall and his white toe. Those are great pictures!

    Stinkerbelle, what beautiful eyes! You need to come down more often so your Mama can take more close-up pictures of you.

    • P.S. Love the Pickle pictures on the updated sidebar! Tony RH looks horrified that the giant hand has him! 🙂

      • I didn’t even notice!!! You are right! Funny part is, it is already outdated due to the recent adoptions! LOL

      • Nope, he hasn’t been adopted yet – I saw him this evening with my own two eyes. He was flopped out on the cat bed in the middle of the cage, sound asleep. 🙂

  12. That is such good news about the adoptions this weekend. A little sweet with the sour. Kenebec is going to be a great cat for the family and Fianna is so gorgeous. Hope she finds her forever bed-without-a-pea, the little princess. And Brandywine? No wonder she was snapped up, she’s a beauty. Dainty, even for a cat.

    Razzie will find her forever home.

  13. Those screeching ‘Maters sound like they have some Siamese in them… Such deep-throated howls from such tiny kittens are hilarious!

    Glad to hear of the adoptions and would take Razzie in a minute. Is it the fact that she has a bob-tail the problem? Or the name? At least she’s not suffering, but c’mon folks! Adopt Razzie!

    Then the ‘Mater boys! And reserves some spots for the Pickles family!

    • I was wondering that myself. It is a bit of a crinkley tail and I bet people are thinking “abnormal”…”deformed”…or something stupid like that. I adopt on personality. It never fails me. I have the BEST babies ever!!! Also, any “difference” gives you uniqueness and a conversation piece! LOL

      • That’s a good question – it was Mister Boogers’s half-tail that made us love him immediately, but who knows what some people are thinking!

  14. Great news about the adoptions and wonderful video of the Starvin’ Maters! I hope the little guys have as much good luck. Regarding the bugs, ALL bugs are GROSS-end of discussion!

  15. Yay for the adoptions!! Who could resist Brandywine and her golden gloves? I’m so glad she got a home of her own so fast! And the kittens too! Here’s hoping the rest of them go just as fast! And Razzies people better hurry up, that sweet little baby needs her home!

    All Bugs are Evil principle? I subscribe to that!!!

    • When I was little, 7 or so, I got the brilliant idea to collect cicada skins. I had a bunch of them inside an old cigar box. I don’t know WHY I was saving them, just that it seemed like a good idea at the time. Then I tucked said box into the lower cabinet of a bookcase and forgot about them for years, and found them later, at the decidedly NOT bug-loving age of 22 or so. 😯

  16. I can’t stop laughing at both videos! Annie was desperately trying to break into my phone to find those screaming kittens!

    I’ve never had a mama cat with babies as a foster, so it was hilarious to see Brandywine disciplining! Makes sense why my bottle babies are so rotten-I definitely don’t discipline like a mamacat would!

    • I’m home sick today (200 freaking degrees outside, and I catch a cold) and was watching the videos on my Kindle, while still in bed. Philo came over to investigate how the screaming kittens could possibly be inside the tablet. 🙂

    • I’m amazed, STUNNED, that Caspian’s yelling his mouth off that he’s hungry.

      If he, Wellington and Dingwall ever form that boyband, Caspian is so going to be the frontman.

  17. How awesome for Brandywine!! I love it when the kittens go so fast.

    Love the video of Brandywine and the boys. I had a potential adopter at one point tell me she wanted a momma cat cause she has small kids and she was SURE the momma cat would be more gentle cause she had had kittens. Couldn’t help it – I snorted. Sure lady….ever seen a momma cat discipline kittens?? Momma cats are NOT to be screwed with….. 🙂

  18. Yay for Brandywine!! Have a wonderful, happy life with your new family, beautiful girl. You deserve it, after the rough start. The “We Is Hungry!!! squalling is too cute.

  19. Well I can’t believe no one else got into the debate. I mean this is such a serious issue. I totally say ascot. But I would love to know what you decided..

    Congrats to Brandywine, and to all those who were adopted this weekend. Maybe Hypno-kitty worked?? (did you see him on my blog?)

    Again, I am so sorry about Rupert. I so know that flash feeling. I had it both with Em and then with Ollie..

  20. I can only imagine the conversation the kittens were having with you during that second video. They clearly had a lot of complaints lady! 😛

  21. Robyn,

    I was truly saddened by the news of Rupert’s passing. Everytime I read or hear about someone’s beloved pet dying, it just seems like the pain of losing my own sweet babies comes back. They certainly do leave their pawprints on your heart. Rupert was a beautiful boy and a real sweetie. I am so sorry for your loss.

  22. I’m so sorry to hear about Ruper, Robyn. It’s always so sad. At least he got to choose where he spent his last few months.

  23. Can I be the only reader to be thrilled to pieces with the Suggie/Ron Swanson comparison? Having my favorite blogger allude to my favorite character on my all-time favorite TV show made my less-than-ascot-filled day. And let’s face it: like his libertarian doppelgänger, Sugarbutt most definitely loves meat and brunettes.

  24. I’m so happy that Brandywine found her home so soon. She’s such a beautiful little lady. Also loving the video of the starving ‘Maters! When exactly is Snackin’ Time and what do you give them? Sorry if you’ve already answered this, but I must have missed it.