8-27-18 Monday

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In Friday’s comments, Ami asked:

Can we get an update on Moop’s weight? Has he gain more weight since he eats away from the others?

After I started giving him his canned food away from the others, Moop BLEW by 2 pounds and last time I weighed them (a week ago, I think) he was just under 3 pounds. Once I saw that, I stopped feeding him separately. He bellies up to the plate with the rest of them now, and eats plenty.

Which reminds me – I FINALLY got the page for the Mainer kittens up and running (hey, they’ve only been with me for TWO months now!) and you should check it out because I have a picture of each kitten from when I got them at the end of June next to a much more recent picture, and Bethel with her blue eyes then and her gorgeous green eyes now is just fabulous. They were so LITTLE when I got them!

You can scroll down to the bottom of that page and see their weight chart. (In the future, you can click on any of their pictures over there in the sidebar to get to that page.)


Moop loves nap time.

I swear to you, if I leave my phone unattended for ONE second, I turn back to see a kitten chomping on the loop. Otis in particular thinks it’s yummy.

Eliot and Bethel, wrasslin’.

Buxton, havin’ a think.

Buxton, snoopervising Eliot and Bethel havin’ a tussle.

Bethel’s all “I BITE YOU.”

“Innernets, please admire my toes.”

“Did they see them, lady? Did they see my toes?” Yes, Dexter, they certainly did.

Otis has a think.

Millinocket loves that little hammock/scratching post bed.

Moop has a pout.

Moop in the giant Croc bed.

And Arundel in the same.

Bethel waits her turn in the Croc bed, and shows off her gorgeous eyes.

Calais, noticing the ceiling fan.


Frankie on the deck railing while the Sheriff watches from the ground, ready to write a ticket if need be.

The neighbors on both sides of us have dogs (I like to joke that it’s a requirement that you have a small white dog to live in this neighborhood), and this dog (in the middle of the picture staring through the fence at Frankie) is fairly fascinated by the cats. He (or she) likes to stand at the fence and watch them. The cats aren’t bothered by the dogs at all – one morning I looked out and saw the little dog on the other side of us barking through the fence at Frankie, who just sat there and looked at the dog. Dogs don’t skeer him none..


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