9-28-18 Friday

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Note: There won’t be a Weekly Roundup post on Sunday this week either; I am still wearing a splint on my right hand (I had carpal tunnel surgery last Friday, for those who skimmed past that info) and it’s making using the mouse difficult, it’s very hard to type, and quite honestly is DRIVING ME BATTY. I have one more week in this stupid thing (I HATE IT. Have I made that clear?) and then hopefully life will go back to normal. IT BETTER.



What is the sheep-shaped object in the Archie video? A sheep-shaped stool? Or bench, I guess.

That’s a sheep ottoman from Overstock.com. It was originally intended to go in the kitten room, but due to the difficulty of cleaning it should kittens walk their poopy little paws all over it, it ended up in the back living room. Some of the cats jump from the floor to the ottoman and then go out the cat doors on either side of the bay window. (Some of the cats just jump up onto the bay window ledge from the floor. Depends on the cat.)


You know what I’d like to see? I’d like to see a picture of your feet standing next to the Croc bed. It looks so big with all those kittens in it, but I know it’s really not….

How about a size 9 women’s shoe inside the Croc bed?

And the same size 9 shoe next to Ryder and Fender?


The pic of Pulley and her toebeans, do I see an extra toe on that foot?

No polydactyl kittens in this bunch; they’ve all got the usual number of toes.


Who is the delicious little traffic cop next to the orange trackball toy? Solenoid?

That’s Pulley. Pulley has white feet and white on her face; Solenoid is a full brown tabby.


My cousin is a sales rep for Fresh Step. They have a new trackless cat litter. She says it’s unlike the other litters that say they are trackless. It works. I was a die-hard Tidy Cat user until she gave me some coupons for Fresh Step. I really like it so much better I’m willing to pay $4 more for the biggest package.

I was going to buy a bucket of it and give it a try, but it doesn’t come in unscented and I canNOT do scented litter. What a bummer!


So does Axle have a diamond shaped nose? His nose “leather” (skin?) looks larger than his brothers’ and I am able to pick him out easier.

Here’s a side-by-side collage of Axle, Clutch and Gauge (click on it to see the larger version over at Flickr.) I mostly tell the three apart by their ears (Gauge has a dab of blue fingernail polish; Axle’s is yellow), their eyes (Axle still has really blue eyes), and their sizes (Axle’s the smallest, Gauge is the largest).


This picture to the contrary, the kittens are spending much less time in the Croc bed these days. I’m planning to clean their room today and rearrange it, put a few small cat trees in there, and maybe some big overstuffed beds.

Pulley wants HUGS!

Mama’s tail is SO MUCH FUN.

Gauge (left) and Axle.

“This is MINE, okay? You no touch.” As you wish, Axle.

Cruise keeps an eye on me.

They spend more time climbing on the Croc bed than sleeping in it.

They like to pile up in the Kitty Kasa to sleep.

Smilin’ Solenoid.

Clutch is feelin’ sassy.

Tiny Pulley in the Tiny Basket.


Frankie wonders if it’s nap time yet.


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