9-16-18 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

Dexter & Millie, bein’ floofy.

That tail is so very tempting.

Bowl full o’ Dexter.

Good night, innernets. (Otis)

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Leapin’ kitties!

Dexter is watchin’ you, innernets.

“There are BIRDS out there!” (Arundel)

Hooray, hooray, Buxton has been adopted and is heading to a wonderful home right now! Happy life, sweet boy!

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Kitten baths.

Good night, innernets, from Arundel & Eliot.

Dexter wonders “How YOU doin’?”

Fabulously floofy toeses.

Gorgeous Millie.

Sweet floofy Dexter.

She looks very serious here (“Yes, you MUST love cats!”), but rest assured that Eliot is a total little love bug.

Arundel stands 100% behind this sentiment!

When one waves a feather teaser to get kittens to look toward the camera, one risks the possibility that one of those kittens will figure out that if she leaps up onto the human, she’ll be closer to the teaser. I wish I’d realized she was going to make this leap so I could’ve captured it better, but this blurry picture still makes me laugh. That Bethel is just too smart.

Hurray, hurray, Otis went home today! He has two new sisters, Clementine and Trudy, who were cared for by another Forgotten Felines foster family. Happy life, sweet boy!

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Napping with kittens.

A Millie and her toy made from dog fur.

That’s a lot of floof for one little cat tree.

What would you get if you took a very nosy solid gray kitten and smashed her down on top of an equally nosy solid white kitten? You’d get Eliot, the world’s nosiest girl, who is responsible for investigating all noises and reporting her findings while snuggling up for a nap.

Sleeping in.

It was easier to get 9 kittens lined up and posing than it is to get 4! Of course, they were younger and more awed by the feather teaser back then.

Hurray hurray, Bethel has been adopted and is on her way home! She’ll have a big kitty brother named Charlie and will be very very loved. Happy life, sweet girl!

Went to check on the kittens at PetSmart this morning (which I usually avoid doing because I usually just want to bring them all back home with me) and they were fine. They raced around and played, came over for some snuggles, and then put themselves back in their cage. Fingers crossed that there are lots and lots of adoptions! (They’re at Jones Valley Petsmart here in Huntsville, Alabama.)

Hurray, hurray, Dexter and Millie have been adopted – TOGETHER! – and are headed home! We understand that they will be spoiled rotten (and hopefully we’ll get updates!) ❤️ Happy life, sweet babies!!


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