9-16-16 Friday

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Freeze dried shrimp? When did we start this and do the catfish know about this? Do we still have catfish! Remember the problems with the pond.

Yes, freeze-dried shrimp – like this. We keep them on hand because they are pretty strong-smelling, and I can sit down in the middle of the room, open the jar, and it takes about 5 seconds for kittens (or permanent residents – whoever I’m trying to lure over to me) to smell them and come running.

I haven’t asked the catfish their opinion, but rumor has it they’re contacting their union representatives because they’d like some, too.

We do still have catfish – plenty of them – and I’m sure they’re out there multiplying as I type.


Hey Robyn, have you seen the CATS takeover in the London subway station? It is awesome! Here’s a link.

Now I want to do that in our town’s three-stop subway system!

I did see that, and I think it is very cool!


Now do the kitties adopted from Challenger’s House have to be inside kitties? Just wondering, as I know your own permanent residents who like to wander outside were technically adopted from Challenger’s House…

Kitties from Challenger’s House do have to be inside kitties – the Challenger’s House kitties we’ve adopted are confined to the back yard (they either wear collars or (Alice and Jake) simply can’t/don’t want to go over the fence), which meets the criteria, since the point is to keep them safe and not free-roaming.

Our free-ranging cats (Maxi, Newt, Archie, Stefan) either showed up here or… actually, they all showed up here, now that I think about it. Having them as free-roaming cats isn’t my first choice, but it works for us (I’d honestly prefer to fence in the entire property in cat fencing so they could have some freedom but remain safe, but that isn’t a possibility.)

Someone recently asked what we’re going to do with the free-roaming cats when we move. The plan is to find a place with a decent-sized back yard and cat fence in the back yard – and the free roamers will be contained to the back yard. (It will be fun trying to keep Archie contained, is all I’ll say.) This will make Maxi (hater of the fact that other cats exist) particularly unhappy, but she’ll adjust. They all will.

The current plan, by the way, is to sell this place in the spring of 2018 (yes, I said 2018, 1 1/2 years+ away). Due to Fred’s job getting crazy in the near future and staying that way for a while, we want to wait until things calm down before we make it all crazy again.


Has Archie lost weight? His face seems thinner in that pic.

Nope, it’s just the angle. He weighs 11 3/4 pounds, and has stayed right around there for the last year – and it’s ALL muscle.


I saw this video on Facebook and thought “Robyn needs to make some of these as props for her kitten pictures!” Although for kittens, you may need to use toddler shirts.

I totally do – and I hadn’t thought about toddler shirts, but that’s a great idea!


A new banner!?! Who is that sweet ornj baby?

Kennebec from the Taters, 2012.

That’s Kennebec from the Taters litter (the same litter Stompers was from). I love that picture very much (it’s one of my favorites) and I thought it would be a good banner.


Lovers of black cats might like this story about the recently appointed mouser at the Treasury in the UK. He is clearly much loved by the human staff.

PS – he has his own instagram account.

I love it!


If someone wanted to order that pink crochet bed, that you snatched up, how would we go about it? Is it padded on the bottom?

It is padded on the bottom, and Andrea is willing to make them to order – contact her at anniclan AT aol DOT com to discuss! (I highly recommend it – I haven’t put it in the room with the Greasers yet, but I plan to soon, and I expect I’m going to get lots of pictures of them snoozing on it!)


I demand to know why that prison picture is not a banner.

Partly because the size made it difficult, but mostly because I never thought about it. It’s a banner now, though. Not my finest work, but that picture will never not make me laugh.



Is it the angle or does Darry have big feet?

Darry has great big feet – all these kittens do. They could just about wear my shoes, I swear.


Believe me when I tell that this boy was purring his little head off when I took this picture.

::thlurrrrp:: (Two-Bit, with a little Sodapop up there in the corner.)

Sometimes, it’s just a little too much effort to sit up while you’re drinking from the water bowl. (Darry)

“Lady, you is very nosy. Sometimes, we like to have discussions about things that don’t involve you.”

The boys, in their favorite spot.

“What you doin’, weird lady?” asks Ponyboy.
Laying on the floor to get a picture of you, of course. (Check out the mirrors.)

“This right here, lady. This MY toy. You get me?”

Oh, that sweet, sensitive Ponyboy. I love him so!

Another litter has turned out to be a big fan of the Bergan Turbo Track. Every time I go into the room in the morning, they’ve moved it completely from one side of the room to the other.

This litter has really come around in the last couple of days. I reported that Darry was proving to be the toughest to crack – well, he’s cracked. He’ll still hiss and run when I walk into the room, but as soon as I sit down, he comes over and swats (gently) at my hand so I’ll pet him. All I have to do is look at Ponyboy, and he purrs. Sodapop likes to flop down against my leg – and Two-Bit will roll around on his back showing his glorious belly until I give in and give him a belly rub. They are some super sweet boys!

The litter boxes are still located in the room with them – I usually put them in the closet with kittens this age, but I was pretty sure that if given the chance, these guys would hide in the closet and I’d never see them. Now that they’ve relaxed, I’ll probably open the closet door this weekend and start moving the litter boxes into the closet. I’m sure they’ll like having the extra room to run!


Smilin’ Joe, the tuxie-doe (sure does love his daddy, yo.)


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  1. Our new kitten eats just like Darry drinks – with his back feet a little apart so his belly can touch the floor. I think it’s hilarious, it’s like it makes a little more room for food.

  2. My name is Tina & I’m in California. I was referred to this site by a fellow chatter on Tiny Kittens Rescue (on Livestream & Facebook.) I have a neighbor who has two tiny cats (kittens?) One is very tiny & pregnant. The other tiny male is unfixed. He allows them to run free. The male is SWEET & always trying to get attention & come inside our home. After 30 years rescue I’m unable physically/financially to do any more, but I can’t turn my back. I’ve spoken to neighbor & he says there’s “nothing he can do.” Keeping inside is unacceptable because “dogs & cats belong outside” he says, & they are “just animals” good for mice/rats. I advised the neighbors poison mice here & could kill his cats but he said that couldn’t happen because “they don’t eat the head.” (!) Winter is coming. I want to at least put an outside shelter for the cat(s) to come but not feed (although he does not feed them much, saying they can eat mice/birds.)We live in the busy suburbs. Cars, antifreeze, other animals, intentional or accidental poisoning are possible. I can’t bear to turn my back. Inside his home with his wife & family they have birds, reptiles (boa constrictor, alligator, large lizards) & raise rabbits to feed live to reptiles! I called Animal Control & apparently they did NOTHING.I want to TAKE those cats away from them! If they’re on MY property I think I can. Suggestions PLEASE?!

    • check Petfinder to see if you can find a local rescue that can help. unfortunately lots are full up, but there may be someone that will reach out. at the very least, maybe they can disappear for a “spa day” and come back fixed. if they are on your property, I saw play dumb and rescue them.

    • I agree with Random Felines – I think if they’re on your property, you can claim them as strays. I’m not sure your neighbor would care much!

    • AND of course they aren’t microchipped. They will at least get spayed/neutered, microchipped and be put up for adoption. Definitely a chance for a much better life…and a longer one.

  3. Awww, Sodapop reminds me of my tail-less cat, Bobcat. He was born in a horse-barn, and I was feeding the mom-cat, eventually luring the kittens to eat. And Bobcat was sooo friendly, I just couldn’t let him remain outside. Turned out to be the most laid-back cat I ever had.

    Gorgeous kittens, all of them!

  4. OH my gosh, if you go to the link about Gladstone and scroll there is an article almost every day about one of the three cats! And they are hilarious. Maybe that’s what our federal government needs, cats in the buildings to help the humans behave better.

  5. Wanna feel like a really bad momma? Run out of kitty treats, have them all run to the kitchen expecting their morning snack’n…to only get nothing. Have the baby kitten cry that pitiful baby kitten cry at you and follow you to the door as you leave for work. Such an unforgivable act. I am a b-a-d mom…..sigh. WILL BE STOPPING BY THE STORE FOR TREATS ON MY WAY HOME.

  6. In England, black cats are considered lucky ! I love that and I also have an
    amazing black cat, named Chester. Life would not be as sweet if I didn’t have my darling Chester. We, in the United States, should not be color biased !

  7. robin, so you know of any one who has mushkins kitty’s. My son has been looking for one. thanks for any information.