9-15-16 Thursday

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Throw Back Thursday: Pattypan.

This time last year, we were flooded with kittens – 10 of them, if I’m counting correctly (actually, no – a year ago is when I introduced Combo, so we had ELEVEN fosters in the house). One of those 10 was this little muffin right here:

That, of course, is Pattypan. She (and her brother Zucchini (Zuke), and their sisters Calabash and Ambercup) came to us as bottle babies. Pattypan developed an abscess, and had to have her arm wrapped up – which made everyone feel sorry for her and love her that much more.

Having her leg in a bandage did NOT slow that girl down at ALL – and it just added to her sass.

That’s her over on the right, her foot in the food bowl and screaming about how she’s starving to death. (I adore this picture so so so much.)

She eventually healed up, and we were able to stop wrapping her leg, and she grew into a beautiful girl.

And here she is – her name is now Peanut, and she is clearly one spoiled girl.

Kim says: I haven’t sent you a picture in awhile. Peanut is growing so much. Can’t believe she is already a year old. This pictures shows her trying her best to get my son’s milkshake. This is his cat (I think we are all attached to her) and Peanut definitely loves him. She meows every time he walks in the room.

Don’t you just love a happy ending?

Thank you so much, Kim, for the update and allowing me to share!


Sodapop in the top of the little cat tree (which is usually Ponyboy’s spot!)


“Pardon me, lady, you is invading my privacy,” says Two-Bit.

Flopped down in their favorite spots.

Can’t you just hear the tiny snores?


Darry’s toes match that bed!


In the laundry room, there are cabinets over the washer and dryer. Every once in a while – not often at all – Kara/Sheriff Mama will jump up there and hang out. I’ve never seen any of the other cats up there (maybe they can’t make the jump), and I’ve never figured out what makes Kara decide it’s time to hang out up there. ‘Tis a mystery.

“I’m checking your first aid kit, lady, and find it lacking. Ticket time for you!”


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9-15-16 Thursday — 10 Comments

  1. Ohhhh dear sweet Peanutpan! I love that they love her so much. Happy endings are so wonderful!

    I also love that Sheriff Mama is always on the job. Safety first! Gotta respect that girl’s level of commitment!

  2. I just love how cats just settle in to whatever the situation is, find a comfy spot and make it there own like they have been there their entire life.

  3. Oh, sweet Pattypan! Yep, she was my favorite and yes that little bandage did me in! The prison picture is my all time favorite. It always tickles me! I love seeing her and I love that her human brother and she have bonded. (I hope he gave her some of his milkshake.) Kim, please give her a kiss from all her adoring fans!!!

  4. Awww, sweet Peanut. Love a happy endings, complete with milkshakes.

    Is it the angle or does Darry have big feet?

  5. see, I never thought she was starving, she wants cuddles..

    I do love updates.. always, every time.. and I will say it.. every *single* time!!

  6. I adore the updates, with all the happy kitties, all grown up.

    That picture behind bars has to be one of my favorites. I hear them singing “nobody knows the trouble I seen, nobody knows my sorrows…”.