9-14-16 Wednesday

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Last night:

Privet was adopted! This makes me very happy, because she’s the one I worried most about!

This leaves Juniper and Hemlock at Petsmart together. Hopefully those two will go home together – fingers crossed!


I don’t know, you think these guys like hanging out in that corner? That’s pretty much where they are at all times unless they’re running around playing (or eating or using the litter box). Ponyboy is always on the top, the other three are always in various configurations on the bottom. (I wish they’d discover the teddy bear bed on the wall!)

I put that bed over there because I wanted them to be comfy, and they wasted little time in pushing it away so they could sleep on the hard floor. Comfort is relative, I guess. (Sodapop, left, and Two-Bit.)

Darry has a think.

Sodapop says “We pushed that bed out for a reason, lady. And that reason wasn’t for you to push it back in. Guess what I’ll be doing as soon as you leave the room?”

Sodapop sharpens his claws, while Darry supervises. Up top, Ponyboy says “Can you tell him to keep it down? Tryin’ to sleep, here!”

“Someone sneezed all over your nice, clean mirrors, lady. It’d be a shame if someone did it again.” (Darry)

Two-Bit is turning into quite the little poser (note Sodapop in the background, under the shelf.)

Darry has fabulous stripes and spots – but I think my favorite part of him is the white line going up his belly.

Ponyboy wonders “You got any more of those freeze-dried shrimps, lady?”

Two-Bit and Sodapop, hanging in the square scratcher, keeping an eye on things.

I offered the kittens a little bit of (canned) goat milk as a treat yesterday, and while they all liked it, Ponyboy was a HUGE fan. If you think I won’t exploit his love of goat milk (and freeze-dried shrimp) for my purposes, you know nothin’. I’ve already lured him over to me a few times. Pretty soon he’s going to make the connection that when I walk into the room, good things happen, and then we will be best friends. Two-Bit and Sodapop have both already been approaching me and will generally let me pet them. Darry’s going to be the hardest nut to crack – but if past experience is anything to go by, once he’s cracked, he’ll be the biggest lovebug of them all.


Maxi loves to keep us company when we’re outside – when she’s awake, that is.


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9-14-16 Wednesday — 6 Comments

  1. I am NOT surprised that Privet was adopted. Look at all that cuteness! *swoon*

    Those Greasers are so adorable. I hope both the nubs get adopted together as a set! LOL 🙂

  2. Freeze dried shrimp? When did we start this and do the catfish know about this? Do we still have catfish! Remember the problems with the pond.

    Darry is SO orange, like tangerine orange.

    So, so happy for Privot but thought Hemlock would be first. Keeping fingers crossed for those two!

  3. Lol, maybe it’s been a long week so far, and I am tired, but when I first saw “Ponyboy”, I uh, read “PorNboy”.

    *hanging head in shame*

    Well, they are a handsome bunch of lads…

    (and yay for baby Privet!)