9-13-16 Tuesday

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The kittens have been assigned their names! Meet them now…

Kitten #1, who is totally orange.

He’s little, he’s a thinker and an observer, he’s adorable. He’s Ponyboy.

Kitten #2, the bobtail brown tabby.

He’s a flirt, he’s a charmer, he’s movie-star handsome. He’s Sodapop.

Kitten #3, the orange and white tuxie bobtail.

He’s serious, he’s hard-working, he’ll have none of your shenanigans. He’s Darry.

Kitten #4, the orange and white cutie pie.

He’s sweet, he’s silly, he’s the first to let you rub his belly (and then gently bunny-kick your hand). He’s Two-Bit.

They are, of course, named after characters from S.E. Hinton’s novel The Outsiders (or, if you prefer, the Francis Ford Coppola movie starring C. Thomas Howell (Ponyboy), Rob Lowe (Sodapop), Patrick Swayze (Darry), and Emilio Estevez (Two-Bit), not to mention Matt Dillon, Ralph Macchio, Tom Cruise, AND MORE.)

I had originally thought I’d call these guys The Outsiders, but I worry that someone might stumble across a reference to them as The Outsiders, immediately decide that they’re outside cats and adopt them under that impression no matter what the adoption counselors tell them (don’t laugh, you know it could happen). So instead, I’m going to call them The Greasers (I could call them The Insiders, I suppose, but I prefer The Greasers.)(Counting down to the first time I have to tell someone that these kittens aren’t greasy…)

So, the Greasers are doing well. They’re still not approaching me, but they’re all purring, they’ve all let me rub their bellies, and they don’t cringe away from me when I pet them. They are crazy little things who play wildly at night and in the mornings, and they’re eating well (I walked into the room yesterday morning to two nearly empty food bowls). Fred, who takes timid kittens as a challenge, goes into the room to talk to and pet them many times a day. They can be lured into playing (especially Two-Bit and Sodapop) with the feather teaser.

From left to right: Sodapop, Ponyboy (up top), Two-Bit (bottom), and Darry.


Newt in his favorite spot. I’ve learned to keep that part of the counter clear, otherwise I’m likely to walk in and find everything that WAS in that corner on the floor. Newt’s not messing around.


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  1. Here’s hoping (?) you get a little ginger girl in really soon you can call Cherry. Of course, then you have to call them the Greasers & the Socs.

  2. Love the names! Loved the book, loved the movie, loved the roast of Rob Lowe on Comedy Central (this movie was featured in many of the roast jokes – and yes, some of the jokes sooooo made me cringe!) The movie was completely my era of heartthrobs so these kittens are immediately near and dear to me!

  3. That naming theme was a lovely little unexpected surprise! I, too, grew up with that book/film!

    I’m sure by the time you & Fred are done with them, they’ll be super-sociable 😀

  4. I am going to play devil’s advocate. What happens when they beg you to take on a little girl kitten with this bunch? Do you have a girl name from that movie/book just in case? Lol adorable kitten names

  5. Yay !!!! Greasers !!!!! Perfect name !! Also if you happen to get some more kittens before this batch go to their forever homes you have lots of other names to use !!!

    Welcome to Love & Hisses Greasers, you are going to love Robyn and Fred !!!

  6. Add me to the list of followers who read the book and saw the movie during their impressionable years as a teen. (Yes I also had all the posters of the individual heartthrobs on my wall) I did NOT however, remember all of the characters names since it’s been “a little while” since I was a teen. So THANK YOU so much Robyn for putting those helpful actors names in parentheses so I didn’t have to go wandering around the internet. I think the names match beautifully and I now will imagine all the kitties with their respective actors faces instead (if I had better Paintshop skills…or would that be too creepy?) Anyway-YAY for fun new kitties!

    • It might be a little creepy! 🙂

      It had been several years since the last time I read the book, so I’m rereading it now – and it’s making me want to see the movie again!

  7. I love their names! Great book, great movie. And once again, thank you to you and Fred for what you do for the little kittehs. 🙂

  8. Nice names! Now do the kitties adopted from Challenger’s House have to be inside kitties? Just wondering, as I know your own permanent residents who like to wander outside were technically adopted from Challenger’s House…

    • Kitties from Challenger’s House do have to be inside kitties – the Challenger’s House kitties we’ve adopted are confined to the back yard (they either wear collars or (as in Alice’s case) simply can’t/don’t want to go over the fence), which meets the criteria, since the point is to keep them safe.

      Our free-ranging cats (Maxi, Newt, Archie, Stefan) either showed up here or… actually, they all showed up here! Having them as free-roaming cats isn’t my first choice, but it works for us (I’d honestly prefer to fence in the entire property in cat fencing so they could have some freedom but remain safe.)

  9. They definitely have the emo-teenager-matinee idol handsome good looks! They all look like they are NOT pleased with the snack selection the movie studio commissary has provided them on this movie set.

    “Two-Bit” for a kitten is HILARIOUS (just imagining all the fun we’ll have at his expense when he gets his ‘nads snipped, hee hee)(yes, I’m 8)(but big kisses to you, little dude!).


    • Brigitte !!! I burst out laughing at your comment !!!! Love it !!! We are all going to have so much fun with this batch of kittens !!

  10. OK, I guess I am old in that I had not heard of The Outsiders before this, but I am on my way to Amazon to get the book (and perhaps the DVD)! These boys as so adorable, whatever their names. What a special gang!

    • The book was first published in 1967-I have probably read it 50 times. It was my very favorite book when I was growing up. So I am super excited by these names! Stay gold, Ponyboy!