9-12-16 Monday

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Update on Hemlock, Privet and Juniper: no adoptions over the weekend (I’m finding that there seem to be more adoptions during the week, lately), but they’ve adapted just fine to being at Petsmart. I was so worried about Privet, but on Friday morning she left the cage of her own volition, and was exploring. Saturday night, Teresa made a video of those crazy kittens racing around. (It’s on the Challenger’s House page if you want to see it. I’ve watched it a couple of times, it totally cracks me up!)

So, no adoptions, but I suspect it won’t be long!


Were you worried that my foster room would stay empty? Because it did, for an entire two days. Then I went to Petsmart to meet Winnie, who had my next batch of kittens.

They’re a little scared, but they’re coming around. There are four of them, all boys. I’ve got the names and naming theme in mind, but haven’t assigned names yet. Probably tomorrow I’ll formally introduce them to y’all by name.

For now, take a look at these cutie pies.

There are four of them, and they’re all boys.

This one was the first to purr for me.

Yep, you’re seeing right – the brown tabby has no tail.

“Lady, I’ma slap that camera out of your hand if you don’t cut it OUT.”

And yes, you’re seeing right – the orange and white tabby has no tail.

(The other two have tails, FYI.)

The little brown tabby was the first one to come out and walk around the room. He’s pretty fascinated by the mirrors.

The orange and white bobtail has one goopy eye.

Three of the four (the brown tabby was still off admiring himself.)

Except for the one goopy eye on the orange and white bobtail, they’re in good shape. Winnie’s had them for a couple of weeks – they were trapped as part of a TNR project. They’re scared, but they’re not the scaredest kittens I’ve ever seen, and I’ve gotten two of them (the two with the tails) to purr for me.

They’ll be with us for about a month, depending on how they do, and I’m looking forward to the day when I walk in and they run toward me!


“What you mean ‘more kittens’? Why you need more kittens when you’ve got an Archie, lady? Why?”


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  1. If someone wanted to order that pink crochet bed, that you snatched up, how would we go about it? Is it padded on the bottom?

    I was out on vay-cay and missed all the excitement!

  2. These lucky as all get-out, handsome new guys are in for a treat, or more like hundreds of them. And what a lovely pic of Archie!