9-11-16 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

Well, I stand corrected. Apparently #Stefan fits nicely on the new kitty couch. I assumed he’d be too big!

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#Juniper is in charge of making sure everyone in the foster room is just clean as they can be. #Hemlock appreciates this.


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It’s #toesday- keep ’em clean!

#Juniper in the sun. #recharging

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Another restful #naptime.

#Juniper is ADMIRING #Privet’s #TailOfFabulousness. ADMIRING. Not trying to bite it. She’d never!

#Privet has turned on the #EarsOfAnnoyance.

#Hemlock makes a comfy bed, FYI.

I’ll have my #assistant fax that over to you immediately!

Heading off to #Petsmart with these three in a little while. We sure are going to miss them – fingers crossed for fast adoptions!

#TBT Back in 2008, #GrandmaBoogers rocked that hat.

As long as you’re comfy, #Newt.

Back in 2014, I cross-stitched all these little #CalicoCrossroads patterns, one for each month. Then I stuck them in the closet and ignored them until last month, when I gathered them all up and took them to the framer. I got it back yesterday and I keep going to look at it because I love it so!

“Enjoy your #Caturday, weird innernet peoples.”


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9-11-16 Weekly Roundup — 8 Comments

  1. What is it about Stefan that makes him look like he is waiting for a kiss on the nose all the time? Sure hope he gets them!
    I love the weekly round up because for some reason I seem to miss a few every week and I don’t know why. So thank you!!

  2. Like that cross stitch, it gets tedious for me and my eyes can’t do it anymore but I’m always amazed what people do with white cloth and floss.

    Hemlock is going to be a Mack truck when he grows up.

  3. Stefan on the couch thingy makes me laugh. He is gonna fit on that no matter what it takes. Love him. I do not beleve a hat was ever rocked by a cat as much as that hatvwas rocked by Mr. Boogers. Awesome, especially the eyes closed to slits. Such a happy kitty pic. Ah hahahahaha. Miss him so much.