9-9-16 Friday

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Hemlock, gettin’ flirty.

Another restful naptime with Hemlock and Privet.

“What? We is not fightin’!” Hemlock and Juniper.

Sweet Privet. “What you want, lady? You go ‘way now.”

One last pose on the Couch of Awesomeness.


They’re not posing nicely, and only one of them is looking in my general direction, but here’s a last shot of all three of them.

Finally, a shot of Juniper on the couch!

So, I took the three kittens to Petsmart early yesterday morning. I had Privet in one carrier and Hemlock and Juniper in the other. None of them made a single peep all the way there. When I got inside, I cleaned out the cage of the one cat who was there – a sweet boy named Bakari, who looked like he could be Juniper’s big brother – and petted and snuggled him. He was more interested in checking out the room than snuggling with me, so I sat down and opened the carrier that Hemlock and Juniper were in. (Privet was buried under the blankets in her carrier and didn’t want to go ANYwhere.)

Hemlock walked around, checked things out…

“Ooh, toys!”

Then he and Bakari had a hiss-off, and Hemlock retreated to my lap and watched the people walk by on the other side of the cages.

Eventually it was all a little too much for him, and he went back into the carrier with Juniper.

When I left Petsmart, Privet was hiding under one of the beds (better than hiding in the litter box, at least!), and Hemlock and Juniper were huddled together between the litter box and the scratching post. I’m not too worried about Hemlock and Juniper – he’s the most confident of the three, and though she can be timid, she’s too much of a nut to be scared for too long. I hope that Privet learns to relax, and I hope that the perfect, patient family comes along for her.

This is always the hardest part of this whole fostering thing – taking them to Petsmart and hoping that their families come along sooner rather than later. And worrying about the scaredy cats like Privet. I am so thankful that the Challenger’s House Petsmart volunteers take such wonderful care of them and give them plenty of love and play time!

So, we’re going to miss those three, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed that they’re adopted quickly into wonderful homes. I’ll be scrubbing down the foster room today, because it’ll be filling back up in a few days!


Have I ever pointed out Dennis’s beautiful, beautiful eyes? Only like a thousand times, right?


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9-9-16 Friday — 14 Comments

  1. Much kudos to you Robyn for doing this. I know it is hard, as my first “fosters” have never left my house :). A little piece of your heart goes with them, but you give them such an AWESOME start in life! THANKS for all you and Fred do!!

    • They’re kind of minty at the edge, graduating to a gorgeous emerald toward the pupil.

      My cats have the most gorgeous eyes. 🙂

  2. The entry from 2015 made me laugh! I love the responses from the kittens to Uncle Dennis’ visit! And then I was sad, because Stinkerbelle. 🙁

  3. Robyn, you’ve given those babies the best possible start, allowing their adorable personalities to shine through. The 5010s all have their paws crossed–and that’s a lot of paws–for quick and loving adoptions for all three sweethearts!

  4. Have you considered, or is it even possible, to take the kittens to petsmart before they are ready for visits so when they get there for adoptions they are ready for it and aren’t overwhelmed?

    • I have considered, and it is possible – I’m just great at coming up with ideas and terrible at follow-through. 🙂

      On the up side, reports from Teresa this morning are that the kittens are doing fine. Privet (my main concern) is out playing, as are the other two!

  5. We’ve been in love with sweet Hemlock from the beginning because he reminds us so much of our boy Quint. The poses, the looks, how he plays… If Hemlock is even a smidgen like our boy, he would LOVE a black sister playmate to grow up with. Four years later, our Quint and his sister Olivia are inseparable. Good luck, kittens!

  6. I know what you mean about letting them out into the world and hoping their forever families come soon. I’ve been to several adoption events with my foster boys. I want to be able to show people how cuddly my boys are, how they’re good talkers or like to play or are relaxed around dogs, but my guys mostly get through adoption events by sleeping! They’re very calm about being handled, but it’s still hard for their true personalities to shine under those circumstances.

    That’s why your blog provides such a valuable service: everyone can see what the kitties are like in action.