9-6-18 Thursday

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That brown packing paper is the FUNNEST THING EVER.

Eliot, keeping an eye on things and such.

Millie was not beating up Pete the Cat, because she’d NEVER.

Bethel and the spotted belly.

“Gimme your paw, I’ll pull you up!” (Eliot & Buxton)

“Gimme that camera, lady, I needs to take a selfie!” (Buxton)

“What’s going on over HERE?!” (Dexter)

Yes, Bethel’s eyes really ARE that stunning in real life too!

Otis, bird-watchin’.

Millinocket hanging out on the shelf, as you do.

Dexter, doing the same.

Scratcher full o’ Buxton, with a little attitude going on.


Frankie loves this bean bag bed (so does Jake, for that matter, and Archie can occasionally be spotted there as well.) That bed is a Jackson Galaxy Dumpling bed. That link leads to Amazon, but I’m pretty sure I bought that bed in Petsmart. And they must have only had purple, because if they’d had pink or green, I likely would have bought one of those colors instead (not that there’s anything wrong with purple, of course.)


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