9-17-18 Monday

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In case you missed it over the weekend, what has happened is this:

Arundel, Eliot, Dexter and Millie went to Petsmart on Friday morning. Bethel stayed here with me because…

She was going home to Mississippi! She’s got a big brother named Charlie, and as of Friday night things were going well. “Very confident” is how her new mom described Bethel, which doesn’t surprise me at ALL.

Saturday morning I went by to check on my babies and to snuggle them for a bit. They were all pretty relaxed (though there was a little hissing) and seeing that they weren’t all cowering and/or hiding did me good. I especially gave two kittens in particular big kisses and hugs because I’d gotten word that…

Dexter and Millie would be headed home to Kentucky Saturday afternoon! They have a 3 year old kitty brother and two 12 year old kitty sisters and we’ve been promised updates.

So this leaves Arundel and Eliot at one Petsmart, and we still have Torvill and Oksana together at the other Petsmart, and I am really needing their families to hurry it up. I need them all to go home!

I will, of course, keep you informed if there are any more adoptions.


Speaking of updates, guess who’s doing REALLY well in his forever home? That would be our boy Buxton.

He was wary of his big sister Heidi (the cat) at first, but they’re both adjusting. He loves his humans and is getting over his fear of the dogs. Don’t you just love seeing that happy little face?

(Thanks, Heather!)


Okay, here are some more pictures of those kittens, and I actually have enough that you’ll get to see their sweet faces tomorrow, too.

Oh Bethel and those gorgeous green eyes!

Dexter’s face always cracks me up – he looks so SERIOUS.

Sweet Millie.

“Read the sign, lady.”

Dexter and his toeses.

Millie, hangin’ out.

Dexter the snugglebug.

I realized on Friday that the center of the fan is basically a mirror, so perhaps that explains Arundel’s fascination with it.

Pretty girl.

Before she went home Friday afternoon, Bethel did her very very best to stick her big ol’ rabbit foot in my mouth. She never succeeded, but she certainly gave it the ol’ college try.

Eliot has a snooze.


Dewey has a think.


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