9-21-18 Friday

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Note: I am having carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand this morning. It sounds like it’ll be no big deal, and the doctor said he wanted me using my hand after surgery today (he specifically mentioned ‘clicking around on the computer’), so I don’t think it’ll impact next week’s posting schedule. Depending on how the ‘clicking around’ goes, I may skip this week’s Weekly Roundup post for Sunday, but then again that might go up as usual, too. We’ll see!

Edited to add: I’m home, surgery went just fine!


I have a bad feeling that someone dumped that Mom and babies when they were getting older or did not want 10 cats. Since she is tame, one has to wonder. How old were the kits when she was rescued?

I don’t think she was dumped, at least not with this litter. Ryder had been around the businesses where she was trapped for a while – in fact, someone was putting out food and water for her, but it wasn’t until Steve spotted her moving her kittens into the dumpster that they realized action needed to be taken. I’m sure there were previous litters (Ryder is estimated to be 2 1/2 – 3 years old); I’m just glad that this is her LAST litter!

The kittens were about 2 1/2 weeks old when they were rescued.


Was Ryder already named when she moved in, or did you name her?

She was named before I got her and the naming theme had been decided, it was just a matter of deciding on exact names and assigning them.


How are you going to tell all those orange bebes apart?

I thought for a brief moment that I was going to be able to do it after looking and looking at their pictures, but I walked into the room, and was clueless. So yesterday I put a dab of yellow fingernail polish on Axle’s ear, and a dab of blue on Gauge’s ear, and hopefully by the time it wears off, I’ll know who’s who without looking for the polish.


Was wondering how you control litter all over the house when it sticks to the paws. I have a new furbaby and I don’t remember it sticking so bad to the paws. My Winnie has litter all over just from it sticking to her paws. Is there any litter out there that would solve this problem ? I figured you’re the best expert I can go to for advice. Hugs

I have chenille mats around all the litter boxes that do a great job of catching litter – they look like this, but there are lots of them out there. Every week or so I shake the litter out of them (the only downside is that they trap a lot of litter, so it takes a lot of shaking to get it all out) and every so often (no set schedule) I run them through the washer and dryer. I think they do a good job, though of course there’s always some tracking.

There are different kinds of litter mats out there that some people swear by (y’all, please chime in!) I think the kind of litter you’re using might make a difference, too – are you using some sort of lightweight litter? I’ve tried it and it tracks so badly in my house that I went back to clay clumping litter.

Anyone who has suggestions, please comment!

(Side note: after years of using Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat litter, I have switched to Tidy Cat Free & Clean Unscented litter. I felt like the Dr. Elsey’s didn’t quite contain the litter box smell as well, and have been adding activated charcoal to the litter boxes for years. With the Tidy Cat, the activated charcoal is right in the litter, and I think it works better. The Dr. Elsey’s might clump a little better, but it’s not a big difference.)


Pulley wonders if you’ve seen her delightful toebeans yet.

Cruise gets her ::thlurrrp:: on.

If you haven’t noticed, Fender is a total mama’s boy.

“You come over here, innernets! I gots a knuckle sammich for you!”

Ryder gives Cruise a bath while Fender snoozes behind her.

She is such a sweet girl. And those eyes!

Solenoid gives the pee pad a bite.

Clutch (left) and Axle (I think. Could be Gauge, but I think it’s Axle) hanging out under the scratcher.

Fender flops over for a belly rub if you so much as look at him sideways.

Fred says that Ryder’s tail looks like a firecracker. I think it’ll fill out once her babies are weaned and her body allows her to put some of that nutrition toward growing fur and adding weight! This picture doesn’t really do her legs justice, but that girl has crazy long legs.

Oh, that Cruise. Something about those white whiskers against that glossy black fur is just sheer perfection.

Dynamo would like you to know that she’s not really THAT worried. She just likes to keep you on your toes.

I always misjudge them at this age. I put that step stool there so that Ryder could walk up it onto the cabinet and look out the window if she wanted to (she doesn’t), and thought “Oh, of course the kittens are too little to get up on that top step. Yeah, not so much. I guess it’s time to get another little blue cat tree so they can test out their climbing skills.

All 9 of them are in that Croc bed. They’ve got plenty of room to grow!


The Sheriff cares not for the heat of an Alabama September, and I’m with her. Come ON, cool weather!


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