9-19-18 Wednesday

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Arriving in our foster room yesterday morning: our new fosters! We have a naming theme, just need to pin down names and assign them to the right kittens (and also figure out how to tell them all apart.) I didn’t get pictures of each and every face – that’s my aim for today – but I think I got most of them in these pictures.

Mama’s name is Ryder. There are 9 – NINE – kittens, they’re all hers, and they’re in great shape.

The orange and white in the back right is a boy; the others are girls.

There are three orange and white boys and a buff and white boy. Any kitten who is not some shade of orange is a girl.

This worried-looking dilute tortie was the first in my lap.

This orange and white boy was the first to climb in there and check things out.

Ryder is like “I don’t know how this is your fault, lady, but it is.”

The kittens eat pretty well on their own (which doesn’t stop them from nursing whenever they can, of course.)

“Is the milk bar open, is it?”

Oh, those blue eyes. I love ’em!

We has a sleepy.

Buff boy seems to have very strong leaning towards being da BAYBEE.

So, here’s the story: Forgotten Felines volunteer (and adopter) Steve noticed a mama cat moving kittens into a scrap metal dumpster a few weeks ago. Knowing that they were going to be removing the dumpster in the near future, trapping ensued. They got three kittens from the dumpster and then found the other SIX nearby. They were estimated to be about 2 1/2 weeks old at the time (it’s been a few weeks), and I have NO idea how Ryder kept those kittens fed and safe, but she obviously did. They all went to Steve’s for a few weeks while we waited for my foster room to open, and yesterday they came to me!

They’re about 6 weeks old (guesstimated date of birth 8/8), there are five girls and four boys. Three orange and white (boys), one buff and white (boy), a brown tabby girl, brown tabby and white girl, two tuxie girls, and the dilute tortie.

Ryder is absolutely skin and bones and eats nearly constantly. She’s a little wary of her new situation, but likes being petted, and she is such a sweet, pretty girl. She has done a fabulous job of keeping those kittens fat and healthy, and I look forward to getting to know them all over the next couple of months.


“Khal is very offended that you thought this house needed more kittens, lady. I thought we was done with that ridiculousness!”


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