9-19-17 Tuesday

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Doesn’t Stardust have the most beautiful coloring? (Bonus: Telstar in his spaceship back there, sound asleep.)

“Was just a quick nap! I’m ready for my mission, lady!”

Telstar and Phoenix, napping. His paw on top of her head cracks me up.

Family scratchin’ time.

Mercury has a moment to herself.

Hubble in the sun.

Hubble in the tree.

Stardust shows off her belly. That crate has a heated pad on one side of it because we had a bit of a cold snap (since the foster room door stays closed, it tends to get pretty warm during the day and kind of cool at night, depending on the outside temperatures). When I took that picture, it was about 80 in the foster room and Stardust still felt the need to climb into the crate and warm up.

Aurora in the sun.

A Tiny Basket full o’ Tiny Hubble.

Look at Phoenix’s adorable little armpits. You better believe I tickled ’em.

Paws up, y’all! (Aurora)


Khal on the side stoop. Don’t be impressed at how close I am to him; I took this picture through the door. If I’d opened the door, he would have skedaddled.


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9-19-17 Tuesday — 12 Comments

  1. The first picture looks like one of those ads for perfume/handbags/shoes, where you have no.clue. what they’re trying to sell, but damn if the photo isn’t awesome. Of course, Stardust and Telstar (asleep at the wheel, lol) are far cuter and sweeter than any model could ever be. 🙂

    So nice to see the handsome Khal Drogo!

  2. Khal Drogo looks huge. Quite the handsome dude! I wondered why the kittens were hanging out in the crate, now I know.

    I tell ya, as long as there are sweet, baby-cats in the world, life can’t be all bad. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Maybe I missed it, but I thought handsome Khal Drogo was a stray you were trying to “catch.” If that is the case, how do you know when he was neutered?

  4. So much cuteness today! I can’t choose! It might be mama and baby at the scratching post… maybe…. But I think Telstar may have his paw on Phoenix’s head because a wiggly pillow is really annoying!