9-18-17 Monday

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Half of Phoenix’s lower lip is black, which makes her look like she’s sneering, and I love her.

Aurora in the tree.

Hubble says “Mine.”

A Hubble and his mama.

Telstar gets his climb on.

I put the little blue tree in the kitten room, and it was an instant hit. Stardust approves.

Little poser on his ess. (I know 75% of you initially misread that word and it cracks me up.)

“Hangin’ on m’fancy sofa, kickin’ m’pillow. What?” (Telstar)

Stardust has black lipstick across her lower lip because she is emo.

I have not investigated the state of Aurora’s lower lip, but it doesn’t look black from here. I’ll report at a later date.

Phoenix is laying in the tiny basket, chewing on her toenails, because it’s important to have a hobby.

“Hi, innernets! Hi hi!” (Telstar)

Hubble shows off his faaaaabulous whiskers.

Aurora, looking grumpy.


Videos! In the first, Hubble is an adorable little goofball.

YouTube link

And in the second, it’s bath time for Hubble and Aurora.

YouTube link


Very occasionally, Frankie decides I am worthy of his attention and naps with me.

Frankie update: he was weaned off the steroids for only a couple of days, and started sometimes yelping in pain when he ate. A trip to the vet showed that the inflammation in the back of his mouth was revving up again. We put him back on steroids to get it under control – we can keep him on steroids indefinitely, but eventually they’ll stop working, and there are health issues with long-term steroid use, or so we’ve heard. We’re about to start him on Atopica, in hopes that it will help. We had Tommy on Atopica briefly several years ago for his plasma cell pododermatitis (pillow foot). It didn’t work for Tommy because the medicine tasted so awful that it was nearly impossible to get into him. I see that there are pills now, so hopefully we’ll be able to use those for Frankie. If the Atopica doesn’t work for Frankie, then we’ll go back to steroids and keep him on them as long as we can. Fingers crossed that the Atopica works!


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9-18-17 Monday — 22 Comments

  1. Oh, fingers crossed this new med will help Frankie.

    Um, so when did their eyes start changing colour?!! I’m noticing that the bright baby kitten blue is now fading into grey/blue.

    (And yes, I misread “ess”.)

    • Kind of all of a sudden! Especially Phoenix – one day hers were bright blue, now they’re mostly green. I hate that they change!

  2. Is it just me, or does it seem like Hubble sometimes forgets to bring his back legs along with the rest of him?

  3. Hubble has Happy Tail!!

    Purrs and kisses for Frankie! I hope the new meds work for this sweet boy!

  4. fingers crossed the med works for Frankie. Just a thought, would it be possible to get the med in transdermal formulation in case getting pills down his throat is problematic? We have to use transdermal ( gel in the ear) for Charlotte’s thyroid med.

      • We have a great custom med place by us that does vet meds in addition to human meds. I can check with them to see if they can do transdermal. I will let you know so you have options.I did not realize atopica was the branded name for cyclosporine. They give that to help prevent transplant rejections. It is an immunosuppresive used for lots of things but I was only aware of it related to preventing organ rejection. Wowza!

  5. I haven’t heard Atopica went pill-form. It does taste like poison. The vet recommended filling capsules and freezing them, so I’ve been doing that for a while. Our little 8 lb cat was able to take them okay, although you really have to make sure they go down, or they’ll dissolve in his mouth and then he’ll hate you for all eternity.

  6. I didn’t know you had a cat with pillow foot. My daughter just had one diagnosed with it. How did it go for Tommy? Her cat is on dicyclomine and steroids.

    I am also going to vote in favor of the transdermal meds if they are available. The pillow foot cat isn’t on them, but we recently gave a dose of transdermal antibiotics to our most skittish cat. It was easy. Our vet is heading towards transdermal whenever available for cats.

    • We were never able to get Tommy’s under control, really – steroids helped some, and the Atopica started to help, but it’s so nasty tasting that it was getting too hard to dose him.

  7. I am so tired of hearing Frankie yelp when he eats. Had so hoped that he would be better with all of his teeth gone.

    Hope that the steroids are a Long term solution. Keep us posted!

  8. Our thistle boy takes atopica and they are indeed in pill form 🙂 we use pill pockets and it’s super easy. 🙂

    • Our vet said that full-mouth tooth extraction “only” works in 85% of cases. I think that’s a pretty high percentage, I just wish Frankie had been in that percentage!

      Thanks for the link to the study!