9-10-18 Monday

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Oh, that Arundel and her sweet face!

This is the best picture I could get of the top of Otis’s head, to show off the “heart” there.

Arundel’s watching the ceiling fan and caaaasually lifting her back foot to kick Buxton off the bed. I mean, she’s NOT doing that. Would such a sweet girl do such a thing? I think not!

“Hi innernets! Check out my toe beans!”

Dexter makes a grab for the camera.

Eliot and Millie are all “WHAT you doin’, weird lady?!”

Dexter, coming to check things out.

“LADY. Come here! I needs a hug!”

Pretty Millie shows off her ear furnishings.

Eliot on the cat tree (and Arundel’s paws reaching down from above.)

Having caught the yellow butterfly teaser, Bethel takes it for a trip through the tunnel.


Newt gets his grump on.


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