10-31-18 Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween, everyone! We got a few cats to dress up for the occasion…

Ryder, looking regal.

LoJack inquires, “How YOU doin’?”

She’s a GOOD witch. A good witch who’s over this nonsense, but a good witch nonetheless.

Gauge is lookin’ snazzy.

Chef Mama would like to report that the milk bar has been shut down permanently. SORRY NOT SORRY.

Pouty Princess Cam.

“I did not say you could use my tiara, child. OFF WITH YER HEAD.”

She’s got her fancy hat on, and she’s ready to go.

Ryder is leaving us today. She’s going to be spayed, and then tonight she’s going to Steve’s house, where he and his wife will foster her until she’s ready for Petsmart (or adopted, whichever happens first!) You may or may not recall that Steve’s the one who spotted Ryder moving her kittens into a dumpster, and who fostered them all for a couple of weeks before they came to me. So Ryder knows them and will be comfortable there – and VERY happy, I suspect, that she won’t be constantly harassed by kittens who are dyyyyyyyinggggggggg for some of the ol’ milk bar.

(I will, of course, keep y’all updated when she’s adopted. And of course if anyone’s interested in adopting her, drop an email to info (at) ffhsv.org )


The older they get, the less willing the permanent residents are to play dress-up, though I managed to get a few pictures. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite Halloween pictures from previous years over on Instagram/Facebook today.

Holy cow, it’s a Newticorn! You hardly ever see THOSE during daytime hours.

“Rawr.” (Loosely translated: “You’ll pay for this, human.”)

“STAHP.” Archie the Angry Mouse.


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