10-10-18 Wednesday

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*Note: We’re located in Huntsville, Alabama, which is in North Alabama. Hurricane Michael won’t be coming anywhere near us (a few people have asked, so I thought I’d mention it here.)

Those of you in Florida, I hope you were able to evacuate – if you’re sheltering in place, I hope that you stay safe and dry, and that Michael turns out to be no big deal (a girl can dream, right?)


Cam loves her mama.

Baff time with mama. (Clutch, I think.)

Ryder’s face is cracking me UP.

Solenoid mind-melds with her mama.

The kitten-wash-and-milk-bar is OPEN.

Yes, she was playing with the track toy while the kittens nursed.

Pulley gets a bath.

“More bath, Mama?”


Axle’s heard that someone’s givin’ out baths around here.

Milk bar duties again.

“I blame you, lady.”


Deputy Frankie sitting amongst the fallen leaves and keeping an eye out.


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