9-21-17 Thursday

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Hubble’s all “Hiiiii, Mama!”


Mercury likes to make sure her kittens are good and clean.

“Mama, no,” says Stardust.

“Mama, I am cleeeeeean!”

Aurora, holdin’ paws with Mama.

Tiny paws.

Aurora loves her Mama.

Mercury and Phoenix on the big tree.

“This is quite comfy, lady.”

Phoenix REALLY likes playing with Mercury’s tail.

Telstar’s all “What? Am hanging out with Mama. You go ‘way!”


Video! Mercury: a Mama’s job is never done.

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Maxi has no time for your nonsense.


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9-21-17 Thursday — 11 Comments

  1. (gigglesnort) I got the Squash Bugs “Prison” banner – still makes me giggle!!! Mercury is such a good momma! She certainly makes beautiful kittens as well! Happy Friday eve, y’all!!! Happy “Last Day of Summer” (even though it is 90+ up here ’round St. Louis!) Come on Fall…. bring it on!!!

    • I was wondering that as well! Surely, theses sweet kittens alone should be enough to lure one or two of them in the room, if not, bribe them with Babycat, for cryin’ out loud.

      • I wonder at Mercury’s reaction though. Suspect she’d put a mama bear to shame.

        Make her kittens fluff and she’d smite Stefan, Newt, Archie and Maxi with a single bound.

        • I don’t think fluffing would even be necessary. A paw across the threshold….they would be snuffed out in a flash.

  2. What a sweet picture the “Tiny Paws” snapshot is.

    Phoenix following her Mama around is just the cutest thing. These babies sure do love their Mama.

  3. Just a note to say thank you and that I love how much are you showing off Mama-Mercury with this batch of fosters – as more than just a milk bar! I can’t tell if you are including more of her because she is just such an awesome kitty cat, or if she seems like such an awesome kitty cat because you are sharing more of her than previous mama-milk bars.