9-22-17 Friday

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Are you going to let the Uncas come for a kitten visit soon?

I’m more likely going to bring some or all of the kittens into my room and let whoever’s around come in to visit them. Mamas can be kind of protective when other cats get hissy at their babies, so I want to wait a bit longer before I let Mercury meet the permanent residents.


Is it just me, or does it seem like Hubble sometimes forgets to bring his back legs along with the rest of him?

That is the PERFECT description of how that boy moves around!


Aurora’s got the grumpies.

Hubble’s all “What was I doing…?”

Stardust in the sun.

Yawning gives Hubble the Crazy Eyes.


That dog fur toy is as big as he is! (It kind of looks like all his stuffing came out.)

This was the only toy Teresa could get Mercury to play with, so naturally Hubble stole it for himself.

Sunshine + this awesome cat bed = Stardust Crazy Eyes.

“Stop pointing that camera at me, lady.”

Telstar and the Tongue of ::Thlurrp::

Lights on, no Phoenix home.

Stardust readies the Slappin’ Paw.


::urrrp:: “Oh! ‘Scuse me!”


Oh boy. Looks like I’m in trouble with the law again! (Sheriff Mama/Kara)


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9-22-17 Friday — 8 Comments

  1. The picture of Hubble reminds me of…of…Martin?…or was it maybe Starsky or Hutch? The kitten (who’s name I cannot remember, because – age) is sitting all chubby with almost the exact same expression on his little face.

    Ring any bells?

  2. So cute! I think maybe this is the perfect kitten age! Can you make them stay like this forever, please???