8-10-18 Friday

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Yesterday marked one year since Mercury birthed her babies, so say hello to the birthday girls, her daughters Phoenix and Stardust!

Haven’t they grown up to be gorgeous? (Thanks, Debra!)

You can also go on over to Instagram (you don’t have to have an account, you can just click on that link!) and see their brother Hubble, who has also grown up to be one gorgeous boy!


Tell KennyBorkBorkMoop’s adopters (if they have other cats) that SureFeed makes a wonderful microchip feeder that opens up to the chips/cats that you program in. He can have his own dish so that the others don’t push him out snarf up all the food. I actually have one for each cat (yeah, that is pricier but…) so that I know who is and isn’t eating. I can catch medical issues faster. I can feed my older renal food (we all know that is $$$$ – or special food for a diabetic) and the other three don’t eat it. Etc. I would have known Lola wasn’t eating sooner than realizing via weight loss (I lost her to cancer). So if anyone has these needs, check [it] out.

You can get a stainless steel bowl here.

The feeder is $10 cheaper on Amazon.

Thanks for that info, GD!


Have you seen “Maru’s shampoo”?

He just stands there when being hosed down!

YouTube link

I had not seen that. What a good boy!


Not only does Bethel have gorgeous eyes, but the ornj bronzer on her cheeks is pretty nice too…

Isn’t that fabulous? I actually think that the topical ringworm stuff I’m using is making a color change to her fur – Moop’s paws have turned brown! None of the other kittens have had any color change, but that’s the only thing I can think of that’s been on her face and on his paws that would do it.


Seeing all nine of them in one picture really brings home what a monumental job it is to do the frequent bathing. You are a ROCKSTAR, Robyn!

I am no rockstar, I’m just a woman who is frantic at the idea of ringworm spreading to the permanent residents!

(PS: Dear lord, back in 2005 I was patting myself on the back for being able to medicate two little kittens with Amoxicillin without Fred’s help. To be fair, it was only our second litter and I hadn’t done much medicating of cats before then. Nowadays, giving Amoxicillin to two kittens would be a vacation for me. I don’t know that I’d even have to wake up to do it. I bet 2005 Robyn would have passed out cold at having to bathe 9 kittens regularly and put stuff on their ringworm spots and all that. I mean, she would have DONE it (and 2018 Robyn would have appreciated already having that skill), but she would have passed out cold at the idea first.)


Does the “beep beep” car bed clean easily? (Sorry, I always make beep beep sounds in my head when I see it!). It’s so cute I’d hate to see it get messed up, though, hello, kittens! 🙂 But I know you must be washing it with everything else.

I actually have two of those beds, so every time I scrub down the kitten room (Mondays and Fridays), I switch them out and toss the “dirty” one in the washer on hot with bleach. Everything fabric in that room gets washed on hot with bleach (I’m still changing out all the blankets and pads every single day and washing them), and I don’t think it shows in pictures, but all the colors on all the beds and blankets is fading. By the time these kittens move along, there won’t be a vibrant color left in the room.


Oh I’m so glad to see Newtles! Can you tell if he is missing his Mom, Maxi, any?

I’m full of concern for two of your orangery boys right now (but hopefully Frankie is holding up well, still).

As far as we can tell, Newt isn’t missing Maxi, though he’s a pretty quiet boy who tends to keep to himself (unless food is involved), so if he’s grieving, he’s quiet about it. We’ve tried giving him extra attention, but it mostly made him nervous. LET ME LOVE YOU, NEWT.

Frankie is definitely holding up well. It’s been a year since his last tooth extraction surgery, he’s on 3 weekly doses of Atopica, and it’s working perfectly. No issues with Frankie, thankfully!


I honestly think Moop is my favorite of this bunch. I totally have a thing for floofy black cats – they look like dustclouds with eyes and for some reason I adore that.

He is ridiculously adorable – his legs have gotten longer, and his feet are these fluffy little bear feet, and he zooms across the room and cracks me UP. He totally looks like a dust cloud with eyes (and floofy feet!)


Sweet Miss Arundel.

Floofy (and sweet) Miss Millie.

Calais, chilling (or maybe I should say baking) in the heated crate.

Dexter loves his ham-mick.

Buxton and Millie, posing.

Along came the Otismallow and Eliot (and in the back, Bethel) to see what was going on.

With his eye on me, Otis reached out to rest his paw on Buxton, who had moved.

Moop from above.

Calais and Bethel show off their pretty eyes.

Row of posers. (Calais, Bethel, Eliot and Buxton.)


“Look at my foot, innernets. LOOK AT IT.”


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