8-23-18 Thursday

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The kittens’ spays and neuters went just fine yesterday. By the time I got them home mid-afternoon, the girls were running at about half speed, and the boys were racing around like nothing had happened save the occasional confused looks (and licks) at their back ends. I imagine that the girls will be back to normal today.


Buxton the little poser.

What’s going on? Are Buxton and Calais about to leap at Bethel and hold her down and nibble her neck? No, they’re not looking at Bethel…

They were looking at the blue spring, the best toy ever!

“Hi, innernets. Hi!”

Oh, that Eliot. She is such a little cutie!

Dexter, watching birds.

The OtisMallow, giving me the stink eye.

Oh, those EYES.

Moop will have y’all know that the Arundel bed is very soft and comfy.

Otis agrees.

Calais, looking at where the feather teasers hang, and trying to figure out how to get to them.


Resting after kicking yet another dish towel. An Archie’s job is never done.


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