8-28-18 Tuesday

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Eliot is such a little poser.

Having spotted the ceiling fan, Calais next spotted the pull chain coming down from the ceiling fan, and she was fascinated.

As was Bethel.

Dexter was watching the ceiling fan pull, but had to give me a skeptical look.

They were trying so hard to figure out how to get to it.

Calais was like “We could push the cat tree over and climb to the top!” and Bethel was all “Nah. Never work!”

Millie and Otis watched from the tree.

Eliot was like “Why you have a ceiling fan pull chain if not for kitties to play with, lady?”

Buxton and Moop, eyes on the prize.

Arundel, thinking that if she jumped onto my head, she could reach the chain.

She actually got up here to see if she could reach the pull chain, but got distracted by something else…

Awesome new tree!

Our friend Kay (mama to Andre and Bella) came to visit yesterday and brought us some new toys AND this fabulous little cat tree. It’s been at her house for a while, and the kitties there weren’t using it, so she offered it to us. I debated about where to put it so that the permanent residents could use it too, and finally decided that in front of the window in my bedroom was the perfect place. The kittens get it during the day, and the permanent residents at night. I no sooner got it set up than the kittens were ALL over it. It’s a hit, to say the least.

I had expected that the kittens would be a little wary of a stranger at first and then get over it, but that is NOT what happened. Calais and Moop were happy to play with the teaser Kay waved for them, and to be picked up and snuggled, and Bethel mostly watched from a few feet away. The rest of them? They noped on out of there on the nope train to Nopeville. (They had nonrefundable tickets for Nope o’clock, I guess.) I’d go and get a couple of them and bring them into the room, and as soon as I set them down, they were GONE. I guess it’s understandable – except for Nance and Rick (who were here about a month ago), they haven’t seen any strangers.

Arundel did sneak into the room a few times to see what was going on, but the rest of them would come to the doorway, look, and then run away. Even after Kay was gone, Buxton didn’t want to go into the foster room, so eventually Fred helped me take them all into the room and shut the door for a couple of hours. By the time I let them out again, they were fine. In retrospect, I should have put them all in their room before Kay got here so that they couldn’t go run and hide in my room. Even if they hadn’t come to her for petting, they would have seen that she was just trying to play with them!

I expect that when the time comes for them to go to Petsmart, they’ll be nervous for a day or two and then adjust.


Months ago (I think when the Olympians were little), I went to Petsmart and bought several of these litter boxes. I set them on the floor while I was unloading the car, and Dewey discovered them laying there, climbed in, and fell asleep. Today, there’s this one in the back living room, one in the front living room, and one in the computer room, and they get more use than just about anything else. The cats (especially Khal, Archie and Jake) LOVE these things (I put beds in them, of course), and I had to go back to Petsmart to get more litter boxes for the kittens.

“What? Is comfy!”

The one in the back living room is Khal’s favorite place to be. If he’s not outside, he’s almost always in that box.


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