8-16-18 Thursday

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How to store your Moop between feedings.

Calais spends a lot of time keeping a close eye on me.

Snuggly boys (Dexter and Otis).

Eliot’s helping to keep KennyBorkBorkMoop clean. It’s a big job, but someone’s gotta.

Oh, that Dexter. Isn’t he just the prettiest little orange floof?

“LADY. You go ‘way! I’m snuggling with my sister!” (Eliot & Buxton)

Millie’s all “Hi, innernets. HI!”

So many balls, so little time.

Bird watchin’.

Between that fabulous fur and those fabulous eyes, Bethel is one striking girl.

Laying in the bus bed, bunny-kicking a toy mouse, as you do. (Millinocket)

Arundel, snugglin’ with Dexter. These kittens sure love snuggling.


Video! The long counter/built-in desk has been kitten-free for the most part, because they weren’t able to get up there. Calais and Arundel have broken the code, requiring me to move all the stuff that was on the counter. I’d be annoyed, but they’re SO pleased with themselves that I can’t be anything but amused at the brats.

YouTube link


Newt, sittin’ pretty.


Also, I wrote this about Khal one year ago:

Khal Drogo – formerly known as Fancypants v2.0 – is still here, still doing fine. I’ve petted him perhaps three times. He still runs when he sees me. WHATEVER, CAT. Hmph.

This is what Khal now does every evening at TV time.

YouTube link


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