8-19-18 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

Dexter is SUCH a snuggly little lap cat.

Millie’s ear floof is beyond fabulous.

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Good night, innernets. (Arundel, Moop, Eliot)

This afternoon we said goodbye to our sweet sleepy ornj boy Stefan, and we will miss him terribly. ❤️

“ExCUSE you, lady, we’d like a little PRIVACY if y’don’t MIND.” (Calais & Dexter)

“Oh, hi, human.” (Calais & Otis)

Such a floofy Moop.

Good night, innernets. (Otis)

Happy Thlurrrpsday, from Bethel.

Happy Thlurrrpsday, from Otis.

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These kittens can make a toy (or meal) out of anything.

Good night, innernets. (Dexter & Millinocket)

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Kitten room hijinx, with Eliot, Moop, and Bethel.

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How the magic happens. Come for the cute kittens, stay for the rambling dork trying to explain how she gets 9 kittens to line up to have their picture taken. (The answer: feather teaser+nosy kittens+fast camera) (PS: no kittens were thrown, they were gently placed up there, I promise)

I was weighing kittens, and my assistant Calais decided it was time to do a little filing.

Good night, innernets. (Millinocket)

Fun fact: it takes 9 kittens 30 seconds to trash a room it took 2 hours to clean. But look how CUUUUTE.

Have I mentioned that these kittens love to snuggle?


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