8-29-18 Wednesday

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It’s a Moop on the tree, hangin’ out.

And a Calais, on the same tree (different level), doing the same thing.

Bethel, ditto. I guess we can say that these kittens are tree dwellers!

Arundel on the bottom level, planning her next move.

Apparently everyone suddenly needed to sharpen their claws.

Little poser Millinocket.

Eliot hanging out in a paper bag, waiting for her next victim.

We got this tunnel from Jennifer (mama to Percy & Jack, formerly Starsky & Hutch)(holy COW I can’t believe that was 8 years ago!) earlier this year. Her guys wouldn’t/couldn’t use it, so she sent it along to me. When the Olympians were allowed to have the run of the upstairs, I put it out for them to try, and they all ignored it. This litter, however, thinks it’s cool. Moop likes to just hang out in it, Arundel likes to hang out in it and zip out, smack a passing kitten, and then zip back into the tunnel (I like to say she’s doing her trapdoor spider impression.)

Dexter in his hammock.

“Hey!” says Otis. “What’re you doing down there?”
“Takin’ a nap. What are YOU doing up THERE?” says Buxton.
“Lookin’ for trouble.”

And a halfhearted slap fight ensued.


Newtles through the glass. (I took the picture from outside; he’s hanging in the kitchen cubby, near the sink.)


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