8-15-18 Wednesday

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Thank you all so much for your kind words about Stefan. I know you guys loved him a lot too, and hoped as much as we did that he’d pull through this illness. I’m glad that we had these last few weeks with him to shower him with love – and annoy him – and let him know how much we loved him. He’s left a huge hole in the house, even though he was never a very vocal or loud cat.

I think that Archie misses his nemesis. He’s spent a lot of time stomping around the house looking in all the corners. Yesterday morning I was in the bathroom blow-drying my hair when I heard his loud, demanding meow outside the door. I opened the door and he stomped into the bathroom, looked around, let out another loud meow, and went back out. I’ll be interested to see if he chooses another nemesis; I’ll let y’all know of any developments.

This has been an awful year to be an Anderson kitty. Losing Dennis in November, Joe Bob in December, Maxi just three weeks ago, and now Stefan puts it right up there with 2015, wherein we lost Corbie, Miz Poo, Sugarbutt, Tommy, and Gracie between January and August.

Honestly, I feel like we’re owed a few years with no losses, even as I cast a nervous eye over our remaining aging population. (They’re all in good health, thankfully, so maybe we will be lucky. Fingers crossed.)


Kittens from above.

Calais is just such a striking girl.

Sweet Miss Millie. If this girl could spend 24 hours snuggled up on my shoulder, she totally would.

Otis is pretty snuggly, too.

Oh, that Moop. Isn’t he something?

Moop AND Otis together might be just too much cute (I love the way Otis’s whiskers nearly touch at the ends.)

Otis and Arundel get their snuggle on. These kittens all just completely adore Arundel, and she loves ’em back. AND she loves to be held and snuggled by the humans. She’s a well-rounded girl.

Calais again. Is she not an incredibly striking girl?

Dexter has a thlurrrp and a think.

Buxton’s all “What you DOIN’, weird lady?!”

One more shot of Calais from above. Please admire the flame on top of her head.

Bethel, slightly annoyed.

Eliot, skeptical.


Khal, checking out the monkey grass.


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