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Miz Poo
September 1999 – June 22, 2015.

I’m sorry to tell you that yesterday, we said goodbye to our wonderful Miz Poo. She started going downhill the end of last week. I hoped that she’d rally as she has so many times before in these past few months. But it wasn’t to be and it was clear that it was time to let her go; she was ready even if we were not. Her passing was calm and peaceful (she’s never been scared to go to the vet’s office) and as she left us I told her repeatedly how much we loved her, and that she was the best good girl.

We buried her in the back yard, in the spot where she liked to sit and watch the birds.

The rest of today’s post is edited from her permanent resident page. I’m having a hard time finding the words and so I’m cheating a little.


Miz Poo would have been 16 in September.

I first saw Miz Poo when she was about six weeks old. I saw her and fell in love with her, but at the time we had four cats and Fred was dead certain that adding another cat to the house would make us the looniest people in the state.

So Fred said “no” and I stomped and pouted and pouted and stomped, and when we got home I started with the begging and pleading. I finally wore him down and he agreed that I could adopt her, but then I second-guessed myself. I worried that maybe we just didn’t need another cat, that the boy cats would pick on her, that I should just be happy with the cats we had. I decided that he was right, and put her out of my mind.

Then a few weeks later, it was the day before Thanksgiving. My daughter had half a day off from school, so we went out to lunch and we were going to go to the movies. Only, when we got to the movie theater the line was really long, and I said “Hey. Let’s go visit some kitties!”

I absolutely knew that the kitten I’d fallen in love with would have been long adopted and wouldn’t be there, but when we walked through the door, she saw me and started howling her little head off. I carried her around and snuggled with her and she sneezed in my mouth (which was not the last time BY FAR that that would happen). I was going to put her back and asked Danielle if she was ready to leave. Danielle said “Can’t we keep her?” and I said “Um… OKAY!”

MizPoo1999 (1) MizPoo1999 (3)

For the first few weeks she wasn’t playful at all because she had an upper respiratory infection. But once she got over that, she was your usual playful kitten. She was okay with the other cats (might have even snuggled with them), but her heart’s always been with her humans. She slept with me and did every night of her life (except for the times when I’m out of town) until late last year; she’d perch on the pillow next to me and put her paw on me, and purr and purr and purr. If I got one of those baby carriers and strapped it to the front of me and carried her around in it 24/7, that would have been absolute nirvana for her.

We were going with an “S” naming theme at the time, so we ultimately named her Scrappy. I called her “the kitten” until she was a year old. I’m sure she had a thousand nicknames, but eventually she became Pooh and Pooh-pie and Pooty McPooterson and that all morphed into Miz Poo at some point, and it stuck.

MizPoo (6) MizPoo (1)

She thought all humans were wonderful. If you were a person, she was willing to love you with all of her heart. Anyone who’s been to our house before last weekend knows that Miz Poo would greet them with hopeful eyes that said “My god, can I come home with you and be your best friend? Save me from this house of kittens!” It didn’t matter if she’d never seen you before – if you sat down, she’d hop into your lap. She was the one cat in this house who’d never met a stranger and wholeheartedly loved absolutely everyone.

She had a lot of medical issues earlier in her life. Several years ago, she had a blockage (a large amount of hair being the cause of it) that almost killed her. After the operation for that, she had a huge incision on her tummy that then got infected and needed a drainage tube and took her forever to heal from. She had an issue with a rodent ulcer on her upper lip that would pop up out of nowhere, and her upper lip would get hugely swollen. Nothing but steroids ever fixed that problem (luckily, in her last few years she outgrew the problem). She was an overgroomer and would lick her belly bald (also something else she outgrew). No matter her medical issues, no matter how she was poked and prodded at the vet, she was absolutely the sweetest girl and never stopped purring for one moment.

MizPoo (4) MizPoo (2)

MizPoo (5)

This was how you knew Miz Poo was feeling fine: she picked up a toy and carried it through the house, keening at the top of her lungs until she found a person, whereupon she put the toy down and looked very smug about it.

YouTube link

In her later years, she put up with the fosters with patient resignation, and if she woke up and found that one of them was snuggling with her, she didn’t lose her mind too much. But she was also willing to bring out the Paw o’ Doom when need be. She was no pushover.

As late as Friday morning, when Carlin got too close to her, she hissed and smacked at him. But then a few moments later he brushed up against her, and she purred at him despite herself.

Her entire life, Miz Poo was always happiest sitting on a lap or perched on a shoulder. She would probably have preferred to be an only cat, but as long as her humans gave her plenty of attention, she was happy.

She’s the very last of what I call “The Old Guard” – the cats we had before we started fostering.

She has been pure joy and love for the past almost-16 years, and it feels like the heart has gone out of our home. I’m grateful that we were able to have so many years with her, but I wish we’d had just a little bit longer.

Goodbye, sweet girl.


If you’re of a mind to, donations can be made in Miz Poo’s name to Challenger’s House.

They accept donations by mail (check or money order), by phone (Mastercard/VISA), or there’s a Paypal button at the bottom of the Petfinder page.

Challenger’s House
112 Tristian Rd.
Toney, AL 35773

Phone: 256-420-5995


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6-23-15 Miz Poo — 98 Comments

  1. I am so sorry, Robyn. I have tears for you and the lovely, most adored Miz Poo. RIP, Sweet girl. Hugs to you and Fred.

  2. My heart is absolutely broken as I always hoped I’d get to visit Crooked Acres and have Miz Poo cuddle me (and probably sneeze on me). I’ve been crying intermittently since I read about her being gone on Facebook this afternoon.

    I know that she had the very best possible life with y’all at Crooked Acres, but she’s totally welcome to haunt my “Room with a View”, should she wish to do so.

    Mr.POSSLQ asked if this meant I was going to be in mourning the rest of the week and said he hopes I cry even half as hard when he passes away.

    Love to the Crooked Acres family. I’m thinking loving thoughts for all of you.

  3. Robyn and Fred – I am so very sorry. I know she loved you with all her heart.

  4. I am SO SORRY, Robyn, to hear of the passing of the beloved and most adored, Miz Poo. RIP, Sweet Girl, and hugs for you and Fred. I teared up when I read this and that doesn’t happen easily at all these days. :'(

  5. My heart is just broken for you. I’m going to miss her sweet face so much. 🙁

  6. Miz Poo is with many friends right now at the Bridge. I doubt she knew how many people were in her Fan Club and how adored she was. But I do know that she knew how adored she was by you and Fred. Nothing is better than a life of love….and that she had. RIP little one.

  7. I know what you mean when you say that it feels like the heart has gone out of your home… and oh, it’s so hard. What a lovely girl she was. All my sympathy to you as you mourn her passing.

  8. Oh NOOOOO! I’m crying and I’m feeling so much pain now and I’ve known the beautiful Miz Poo only through your blog, Robyn. I can only imagine your pain and grief. Lots of hugs to you and Fred. Please, accept my most sincere condolences, and my most heartfelt thanks for giving Miz Poo all the love and care she deserved – and for sharing her beautiful self with me.
    Godspeed, beautiful girl. I will remember you with love.

  9. Oh, Robyn. I am so so sorry. Please accept my condolences, and my sincere thanks for allowing us to share in Miz Poo’s life. Sending you and Fred lots of hugs and comfort. <3

  10. Sweet Miz Poo, may you always have a warm lap to perch on, and sunny spots to watch the world go by. What a wonderful life you’ve had, little lady. You look in on your Mom and Dad now and then, ok? They’re going to need that.

    Hugs from Brigitte, Atticus, Mae and Malcolm in Toronto

  11. I saw the header and almost started crying before I read any further. And I had just marked an appointment for July and said to myself – “Oh – Miz Poo. My favorite!” I am so, so sorry for your pain. All of your cats are special but we all know that Miz Poo had the biggest piece of your heart. My deepest sympathy to you and Fred.

  12. I am so very sorry. We are never ready to say goodbye. She had a good life at Crooked Acres with you and Fred.

  13. Poor little precious girl… Bless her heart…
    Robyn- you were such a good Mama to her and she dearly loved you SO MUCH !!
    I think “Mutual Adoration” is a better description for the two of you.
    My heart breaks for you…
    Bye Miz Poo… you sweet pretty baby.

  14. Oh, Miz Poo. I love her kitten story, she was obviously meant to be with you. Love to you and everyone at Crooked Acres.

    (Unrelated, but until reading this story I had no idea you had any children!)

  15. So sorry to hear of Miz Poo’s passing. She was a very loved, lovely and loving girl.
    Treasure the memories of her quirks, her snuggles and know she left some deep pawprints in your heart.

    This may call for a kitten therapy session – lie on the floor in the proximity of kittens and become their toy for a little bit.

  16. Robyn, so so sorry to hear about Miz Poo. I know how hard it is to say goodbye to one you have had for so long. I know she had a good, long and happy life, even with all the foster kittens around ;).

  17. I can’t begin to express how sad I am that Miz Poo is no longer with you, sitting on your lap or licking her chops in your face. I take comfort in believing some day we will be reunited with our little brothers and sisters. She will be waiting for her Mommy. Hugs to you and your family, Robyn.

  18. It makes me sad that the precious Poo has passed. I adored her (torties have a special place in my heart) and that sweet sweet face of hers, and your stories of her sneezing your face. I don’t really have any consoling words, other than to offer my sympathies & that just seems… ineffectual.

    Sometimes a passing is just too great and all that one can really do is embrace the quietness that goes with remembering them fondly, smiling at all the happiness they brought you, being thankful for the time you had together, and wishing that they are at peace wherever they are.

    Hugs to you & Fred.

  19. We are so sorry to hear about your loss. She was a special, beautiful girl and will be deeply missed by all. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Fred and the rest of the Crooked Acres family.

  20. Robyn & Fred both – I’m so very very sorry. My heart is just broken for you both. I don’t have any additional words beyond what’s all been said, but please know that I’m sending my condolences along with everyone else.

  21. Sweet Miz Pooh! I am so sorry, Robyn and Fred. She has always reminded me of my Harley, also a sweet tortie girl. I’ll miss hearing about her grudging encounters with those pesky kittens!

  22. I first started reading your Bitchypoo blog very shortly after you brought ‘the kitten’ home. I loved hearing stories and seeing pictures of Tubby, Fancypants, Spot and Spanky, but The Kitten just slayed me with her sweet tortie little face. And then she was Miz Poo and her Paw O’ Doom, her sneezes, her impatience with the foster kittens, and her deep abiding love for her humans became legendary.

    Just like everyone else who has come to know and love you and Fred and your family of cats, I am just heartbroken to say goodbye to any of the kitties, but it’s especially hard with Miz Poo. She was a special one. And how I feel is only a fraction of how sad you are, and I’m so sorry. My tears and sympathies and thoughts are with you and Fred.

    Godspeed, Miz Poo. We will always miss you.

  23. So, so hard to say goodbye to our furry kids. My “first” cat (as an adult) Marilyn, was a Tortie, who Miz Poo reminded me of so much. She was fearless of strangers, and would greet anyone at the door. I still miss her, she passed in 2001, and I know Miz Poo will leave a hole in your heart for long time. I hope you find some peace in the 16 years of memories, stories, and photos that you have been so gracious to share with a bunch of us strangers. My heart aches for you.

  24. Heartbroken. I’ve been following your blog from way back, and Miz Poo was one of my absolute favorites! ((((((((Hugs to you & Fred)))))))))) She’s at the rainbow bridge, waiting with all the other lucky Crooked Acres gang for her owners to show up someday.

  25. Oh Robyn and Fred, I am so sorry for your loss! You wrote a great tribute to her. My deepest sympathy to you both.

  26. My condolences, Robyn. Miz Poo was adored by so many, near and far. But she was your meant-to-be kitten and she knew your care and love. As you knew hers. May the memories of your happy times together help your aching heart.

  27. I’m so sorry for your loss, Robyn. I’m glad you had as much time with her as you did, and sad you didn’t have a bit more.

  28. I’m so sorry to hear of Miz Poo’s passing. Being a relatively recent follower of your tales (tails?), it was so lovely to hear so much more about her and her love for the humans that came into her life, you and Fred especially of course. I always enjoyed seeing her face when it would come up in the rotation of permanent residents – she reminded me so much of a dear girl-cat in our past that also only had eyes for her people. It doesn’t make it any easier, but it is nice to know that you were with her to help her along when she needed you most. Many kitty and human hugs being sent your way from Canada!

  29. ((hugs)) Robyn (and Fred). I am very sorry for your loss. We always want more time with the ones we love. She seemed like a great friend.

  30. Oh no. I have no words for you, as I sit with tears in my own eyes. This is a feeling we are all so familiar with. We love them with all of our souls and they take a bit of it when they are gone. I loved Miz Poo from afar and will miss seeing her sweet face. Much love to you, Fred, and the rest of the crew.

  31. I’m so sorry you lost Miz Poo, but you gave her the most wonderful, happy life. And she had a lot of people who loved her from afar that are sad now, too.

  32. I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my 15 year old boy two years and the only consolation I had was that he went to a place where he could be young, healthy and play like he did when he was a kitten. Prayers and hugs to you and Fred

  33. My deepest sympathies and hugs to you and Fred (& the spud). I know how much you adored this sweet girl. She was special in your heart I know.

  34. I’ve been reading since Miz Poo was the kitten and I’m just so sorry for your loss.

  35. I’m so sorry…hugs to you, Fred, and everyone at Crooked Acres. Rest in peace Miz Poo.

  36. We are so terribly sorry to hear Ms. Poo was needed at the Bridge. We loved reading her kitten story and seeing her photos and video and will very much miss seeing her. Our thoughts are with you and know we are sending hugs and soft, comforting purrs to you and Fred.

  37. Robyn, so sorry for your loss.I know you loved her lots and that she holds a special place in your heart. Peaceful & healing wishes to you and Fred and everyone at crooked acres

  38. So sorry for your loss. Ms. Poo will be remembered by many. The blog with her and Senator Boogerton is a classic I enjoy and view on a regular basis. Hope at some point you can smile through your tears at her memory.

  39. I am so sorry. I know it is very difficult when you lose one you have loved for so long.

  40. She certainly sounds like one of a kind. What a sweet face….she will be missed.

    (though I did laugh at the “adding one more cat” comment – had Fred only known….)

  41. Robyn & Fred,
    Words cannot convey the sorrow I feel for the depth of your loss. Miz Poo was a very treasured member of your family for years, and her absence will be greatly felt. Hugs and prayers to you both.

  42. Robyn, my heart is breaking and I am crying as I write. I lost my beloved Leila three years ago this month, and I STILL miss her. Some pets just have an extra-special place in our hearts and our lives. Leila was to me what Miz Poo was to you, so I know what you are going through and I know that nothing can make it better. You are not alone and we are all crying with you. Miz Poo had the best life a cat could ever hope for. And no matter how long-lived a beloved pet is, it is never ever long enough. Sending hugs and love and prayers to you and Fred!!

  43. I have been reading your blog for so many years and have never posted a comment, but just had to send you my deepest sympathy today upon reading of Miz Poo’s passing. I am sitting here in my cubicle at work with tears in my eyes reading of her life from kittenhood on, plus all of the heartfelt comments from your readers. I imagine we all feel that we knew her even though it sounds odd to mourn a kitty that you never met in person, but with your pictures and words you made her come to life and she was our dear friend as well. She will be greatly missed by you and Fred, of course, and (probably) even by her kitty friends in your home, but also by her many, many unseen friends in cyberland. Godspeed, dear girl!

  44. I started reading when Miz Poo was still a kitten, and I’ve so loved reading about her all these years. She was a very loved cat and she could not have found people who loved and understood her better than you and Fred. What a lucky girl to have such a wonderful life. Thank you for sharing her.

  45. Miz Poo, from “scrappy” kitten to the Grand Dame of Crooked Acres, you were a classic and a beauty. I too got to “know” Miz Poo from the Bitchypoo days. I love all the photos, but some of my favorites are the ones with Miz Poo and assorted interlopers sharing her bed. Those always made me chuckle. May you rest in peace old girl. And to her humans, peace and comfort to you in the coming days–you served her well.

  46. I’m so sorry for the loss of Miz Poo. She was such a beautiful cat. At least she had the best life a cat could ask for, for 15 and a half years. You, Fred and spud (I know she doesn’t live at home anymore but I’m sure the news is hurting her as well) are in my thoughts.

  47. Robyn, I’m so sorry. She was a lucky, loved, beautiful girl who got extremely lucky in getting adopted by you. Sending you love!

  48. She sounds a lot like my almost 16 year old tortie girl. However, mine is way louder than that. I should take a video. She and her late brother used to get going together and I’d suggest perhaps they were performing the end of act I of Madama Butterfly.

  49. Oh no, I’m so very very sorry for your loss. As soon as I saw her picture, hadn’t even seen any words yet, I just knew it was bad news. Hugs to you, Fred and Danielle.

    Poo for you was like my Tody to me. He was my very special orange tabby that I loved dearly. My husband since the mid ’90’s would ask me “Who loves you?” of course meaning him and I would always answer “Tody.” Tody passed away in 2006 and to this day I still say his name first.

  50. I was so sad to read about Miz Poo and have shed a few tears for her. Hugs and purrs to you two and your furry family.

  51. My condolences. It sounds like she helped shape your lives, and you hers. I am so sorry. I am glad she was so well loved and cared for.

  52. Oh Robyn I’m so sorry. You gave her such a happy long life. She was my absolute favorite of all your cats EVER! I will miss seeing her fuzzy face. hugs to you.

  53. Bye-bye my favorite of all the Anderson kitties. It’s sad that you decided to leave, but I’m sure you’re waiting to sneeze in your favorite human’s mouth at the foot of the Rainbow Bridge.

    Courage, Robyn, you dearest of all the internet’s cat ladies. She’s safe and she’s in peace and I promise you, you’ll get to meet again when the time comes.

  54. Oh Robyn, I am so very sad for you and Fred. I’ve been a reader of yours since before you got Miz Poo, and I vividly remember how much you wanted this little kitten. I cannot believe she is gone. I’m so, so sorry for you loss.

  55. I’m so very sorry. I’m going to miss her. She was always the matriarch of the family to me.

  56. Others have been eloquent. Allow me to add gentle hugs to you and Fred as you mourn your sweet Miz Poo. She was my favorite of your cats.
    It’s hard to believe now, but the pain will ease soon, but the love will never fade.

  57. So very sorry you and Fred had to say goodbye to sweet Miz Poo. I know what you’re feeling & my heart goes out to you.

    Run free at the Bridge sweet girl.

  58. I’m sitting here with my girl,Rootie,as I type this. She probably wonders why her Mom is crying. Robyn and Fred, my heart breaks for you. I’ve loved all your resident and foster kittehs, but Miz Poo always had a special place in my heart. I am so sorry for the both of you. Thank you for sharing her with us. Take care.

  59. I totally understand the ‘cheating’ and reading it all over again I get it even more. My heart breaks for you.. and I am sorry I will never have the pleasure of having her curl up in my lap.

  60. I am so sorry for your Loss, Robyn. Miz poo was special and always reminded me of my Kiri, who was also a tortie, and also loveable.

    When I read the heading, tears came to my eyes.

  61. “it feels like the heart has gone out of our home”…you have me in tears because I know exactly how this feels. One of my favorite quotes…”I love my cats because I love my home, and after a while they become its visible soul”…they really do and when they leave us, the hurt is greater than words could ever explain. Cats like Miz Poo have a special way of adding love to every single day. May our lives always be as good as our cats make us feel. Thinking of you all!

  62. Those pictures of Baby Poo squeeze my heart . . . she and Mister Boogers were always my favorites (although, of course, I do love all of your cats, both fosters and Permanent Residents). She had such a great life with you and Fred, Robyn. I know your heart is broken. Love from Chicago.

  63. I am very sorry to hear of Miz Poo’s passing. I started reading this blog years ago, and going through the archives and reading about her always brought a smile to my day.

    I know you will have many happy memories of her to draw on in the future, but it’s always hard when a pet passes away. My sincere condolences.

  64. Robyn, Fred and the Spud, I’m so sorry for your loss of Miz Poo. I know she was loved by you all. Sending loads of prayers, purrs, and gentle headbutts to all of you (person and critter) at Crooked Acres. Take your time to grieve we can wait on you. Keep your memories close to your heart the love will never fade for you.

  65. [[[[[[[Hugs]]]]]]

    Goodbye Miz Poo, thanks for gracing us for almost 16 years :’)

  66. Oh, I am so sorry. Goodbye, beautiful tortie girl. I am a recent arrival at the blog (I arrived with the Fools) but am all to familiar with losing good kitty friends. Many hugs to all the human family, and pets and/or scritches to the furry ones.

  67. So very sorry to read that Miz Poo has passed on. So hard to let our fur babies go. May her spirit run free around Crooked Acres.

  68. I’m so very sorry. I know how much you loved her, and she you. Even beyond what you’ve said over the years, you can tell by the way she draped herself over your shoulder, and held on tight. What a shining light Miz Poo was (and I hope still is). Isn’t it amazing when someone like that shows up in our lives?


    • [sorry, got cut off]

      It’s amazing when someone like that shows up in our lives, and it leaves such a huge hole when they’re gone. Really, it’s a tribute to who they are when that happens.

      After our cat Sparky died, I dreamed I walked up a flight of stairs into a sunny loftlike space, and he was lying on the floor in the sunshine, looking healthy and happy. I had several more dreams in which he came running into a random dream and jumped into my arms, and I got to hold him again. They were incredibly real, and I think they meant something, about love going on and on…

  69. Oh, Miz Poo! I knew she’d been going downhill lately, so I was sort of afraid an entry like this might be around the corner someday, but oh, jeez. I admit, she was my favorite of all the permanent resident And3rson kitties; I am such a sucker for a sweet, purry lap kitty, especially one who loves everyone. Those cats are just the best! And she was a tortie! Put the two together and I melt. I’ve wished I could snuggle her more than a few times, believe me, or (random never gonna happen silly daydream) walk into Crooked Acres, sit down and immediately have oops! a tortie in my lap, delighted as can be to see the new human.

    I still remember the video you posted where you were trying to get her to chirp. I think you called it the signature Poo chirp. You kept saying ‘Miz Pooty, are you da pooties? Are you da Poo Poo?’ All she did was prrrrip, sort of a sleepy half chirp, but you could tell by the sound of it that she was purring away. 🙂 And the little bitties clip, when you were calling all the Bookworms and you got three little bitties and one Miz Poo! ‘Miz Pooty you’re not a little bitty!’

    I’m going to miss that sweet girl, and I’m way up here in the comparative far north.

    So, so many hugs. I’m so terribly sorry.

  70. i’m so happy to watch that video–such an amazing thing to cherish. we never got a single video of our lover boy papa–he was only 7 and we thought we had years left with him. and then we lost him suddenly, and i still kick myself for not taking a moment to capture his silly meow or loud, rumbly purr, the photos and videos are so, so precious. i’m so sorry. my heart hurts with you and fred. {hugs}

  71. I’m so so so sorry! What a wonderful old lady she was. It’s so terrible that the price we pay for loving cats is having to outlast them. She had a wonderful life with you and I will miss seeing her quirky little face here.

  72. Weeping as I am typing this, Robyn. My heart breaks for you – I know how much you loved Miz Poo. I know your heart is broken. I’m so very sorry for your loss of your beloved girl. She is and will be with you always – in your heart, in your years of wonderful and precious moments of joy, fun and love – death cannot take this from us. She will remain with you always, through the love you have for her and the love she had for you. I will light a candle for Miz Poo tonight…may all the collective love we all have for her light her way.

  73. Dear Robyn, so so so so so very sorry for you, and Fred, and Danielle, and the rest of Crooked Acres. She will always be missed, but always remembered.

  74. Oh Robyn, I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of Miz Poo. I know she was your absolute favorite. Truth told, she was my favorite Anderson kitty, too. I’ve had two torties (both are gone now) and I just have a penchant for their silly, splotchy little faces. Hers was especially adorable.

    I’ve been fearful of coming here and reading this entry for awhile, probably starting around the time you took to calling her “Grandma Poo” in your entries. And then she passed on my birthday 🙁

    Your Miz Poo was such a happy kitty because she had the Best.Momma.In.The. WORLD. You gave her a wonderful life. Love and hugs to both you and Fred.

    Rest in peace sweet Miz Poo! Wishing you many warm snuggle spots in kitty heaven!!

  75. Robyn, Fred, and fur children: Oh, how awful to see this sad news. I have been following your adventures for many years. It seemed like Miz Poo would be part of your life forever. I can remember way back when you still called her, “the kitten.” Thank you for sharing her life with us.

    I am very sorry that you had to make the decision to let her go, instead of her being about to go gently on her own. You were very brave to make that loving and compassionate decision.

    No matter how many kitties live in permanent residence with you, I know that you have a personal relationship with each one, and a heart filled with love for every one of them. Miz Poo’s loving disposition was a reflection of your own kind and generous heart.

    R.I.P. Miz Poo.

  76. I’m so sorry, Robyn. Since Tubby passed, Miz Poo has always been my favorite of your babies. You and Fred gave her a most wonderful life. xo

  77. I’m so sorry to hear this. I always enjoyed the Miz Poo pics. I’m glad she had a long life in a great kitty home.