6-22-15 Monday

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A bed full o’ monkeys.

Carlin and Roseanne, getting their nap on.

Shecky’s too busy looking off into space to look at the camera!

Skelton’s all “Hallo innernets. Hugs?”

Rickles is wearing his judgey pants.

I was in the foster room with the kittens, and a crash of thunder sent them all skittering into various hiding spaces. Except for Belushi, who went insta-floof, and just stood there.

Lucy came in and reassured him, and he eventually de-floofed.

Monkey pile.

Same spot, different day – you can barely see her, but Lucy’s under that pile.

Roseanne likes to keep a suspicious eye on me.

Same pile, different angle.

“My mama is a comfy bed!”

Roseanne’s bare belly.

The kittens had visitors TWICE this weekend – on Saturday Ann and Rich (parents to Bill and his big sister Izzy) came to visit. I was curious to see how the kittens would do, because they don’t really see people other than Fred and me. I was sure that as soon as Ann and Rich sat down they’d be covered in kittens, so imagine my surprise when the kittens all ran and hid.

The little chickens!

It took a little time and work, but finally Carlin, Louis, and Skelton came around and did some playing. Roseanne was 100% NOPE and hid in the condo of the pagoda cat tree in the hallway. Belushi put on his STRANGER DANGER floof for a good long time before he skulked over to one of the window beds and curled up with Shecky for a nap. I don’t remember where Gilda was, I think she was with Roseanne in the cat tree. And I think Rickles hid on the cat tree, too. Carlin was the first to relax, and spent his time playing, stomping around the room, and showing everyone how perfectly he fit in his little black and green basket. I had put Lucy in the bathroom because she’d made it clear she needed some non-kitten time, and Carlin and Louis taunted her under the door several times, each time earning a hiss or growl.

On Sunday Teresa (mama to Orlando along with his big sister Pickles and big brother Hobo) came to visit. The kittens had spent the better part of the morning sleeping, so I thought they’d be in full-energy mode, but not so much. Once again, Carlin was the first to show up and be silly, followed closely by Skelton and Louis. Belushi, once again, wanted nothing to do with anything, and kept his distance. Roseanne – who was on the little cat tree – stayed where she was, but eventually allowed some petting. Rickles stayed on the cat tree in the hallway, but allowed some petting as well. Finally, Gilda showed up, got some petting, and fell asleep in Teresa’s lap.

It goes to show you really can never tell – I would have put money down that Gilda and Rickles would climb immediately into any available lap, that Louis and Shecky wouldn’t be far behind, and that Roseanne would eventually show up, too. Carlin’s friendliness didn’t surprise me, because that boy has ZERO fear, and a ton of energy. Both days, though, Louis ended up falling asleep in my lap toward the end of the visit. Silly boy!


Video! Belushi helps to keep his mama clean – but those whiskers keep getting in the way! What’s a boy to do?

YouTube link.


Stinkerbelle gives Tommy the Eyes of Lurve.


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6-22-15 Monday — 20 Comments

  1. “My mama is a comfy bed!” totally looks photoshopped.. I love it.

    and that is an interesting reaction to thunder.. Kinda smart not to run since you have no idea where it came from..

    The kit’s reactions to visitors is why I try to take my foster kittens out of the house a couple of times when I have them. Helps them a lot to adjust at the shelter when they go up for adoption.

    hey look, I’m so totally first!! I think that’s a first..

  2. Roseanne looks more judgey than suspicious. As though she’s looking at you thinking “o.m.g. what is that lady wearing?? So.embarassing.gawd.”

    • I think I have to agree. It is like she caught the “view” from the corner of her eye and did a double-take.

  3. That video of Belushi grooming his mom is the CUTEST DAMN THING I have ever seen. Just so precious. He’s a determined little guy!

    • Right?! I think I nearly died from the cute. Lucy sure is sweet to those babies. I wonder if she went to her “happy place” in her mind.

  4. I kept thinking Lucy was pretending to be dead hoping maybe the little buggers would vamoose. I don’t think it worked.

  5. that first kitten pile picture is priceless….takes a second to figure out how many are there…..

    the video cracks me up – whisker flossing 🙂 and then the paw of “don’t touch lady, I gots this” MOL

  6. bahahahahahaha !!!! “Insta-Floof ” !!!!! My new favorite word !!!!!

    Stinkerbelle sure is gorgeous !!!!!!!!! All the girl kitties are jealous of her beauty !!!

  7. So did Belushi end up biting Lucy’s whiskers and making them shorter? It kind of looks like it, but I can’t tell for sure…

  8. That video is amazing. No wonder Lucy needs time away from the kittens. And the kitties are adorable.

  9. How did I think for one second that a kitten named for John Belushi would not be a complete brat?

  10. Robyn, I just saw the announcement about Miz Poo on Facebook. I don’t like to post there, so I hope you’ll accept my deepest and most heartfelt condolences here. She lived a grand life and was a lovely cat, even if she did like to sneeze on you a little too much. I know nothing that can be said will erase the loss, but I do hope knowing that you and Fred gave her a long life during which she was incredibly loved and exceedingly well cared for gives some comfort. Our cats are such wonderful and beloved creatures – I can’t imagine living without them – but damn, it hurts when they have to leave us behind.

    There’s a fantasy book where cats (ghatti) can communicate with their chosen human, and are full partners with them for long lives. When the main character, Khar, passes on there is a lovely passage I have always applied to my own cats, especially my heart-cat, Kitling. “May you see with eyes of light in everdark, may your mind walk free and unfettered amongst all, touching wisely and well, may you go in peace. But wait for me, beloved.” Goodbye, Miz Poo. You will be missed.

    • Delaney, what a beautiful tribute. I know I’m not alone tonight, sitting with tears streaming down my face. 🙁

    • NO Lisa, you are not alone. My heart is broken. I hope she feels all the love for here there at the bridge. She will be forever missed. Fred and Robyn, please know that we are all here for you and we all know your pain. Bless you both.

  11. Thank you Miz Poo for introducing Norbie to the paw o doom. It was important practice for his home now. Much love to the L & H household.

  12. I wonder if having frequent visitors at this stage of life would be a useful approach? Perhaps giving kittens more exposure to different people would help when they go to Petsmart and move to their new homes?