6-24-15 Wednesday

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Thank you all so very much for your wonderful, comforting comments here and on Facebook and your emails about Miz Poo. I know how much she meant to me, and it was touching to see how much love is out there for her. It’s never easy to say goodbye to these beloved creatures who aren’t with us nearly long enough, but it’s part of the deal we make (and never think about) when we fall in love with them and bring them home. I keep expecting to see her laying on the chair behind me, and so when I see the chair empty, it’s momentarily surprising before I remember.

The other cats don’t seem to notice her absence except for Jake, who has been occasionally walking through the house howling, I expect that they knew her time was coming before we did.

So, again – thank you all, I so appreciate your kind words.


While Lucy was wide-eyed staring behind me (I think a bird flew by the window), Gilda tries to sneak in a nursing session.

7 little muffins (Carlin was sitting on my feet).

Apparently complaints are as contagious as yawns. First Roseanne is all “I has a complaint!”

Then Rickles: “No, I has a complaint!”

Back it bounced to Roseanne, who insisted “NO, I HAZ A COMPLAINT AND MY COMPLAINT IS COMPLAINIER THAN YOURS!”

All the while, Louis just kept on lickin’.

The whole bunch of Fools (I put Carlin on the bed so he’d be in the picture too!)

Gorgeous Gilda from above.

Carlin was all “Wait, who’s….?”



Today you get TWO permanent residents (Kara’s turn was yesterday, and I could have just bumped her to today and then Joe Bob to tomorrow and so on, but there’s a strict schedule on the calendar – IN INK – and I would eventually have gotten confused!)

Kara’s too busy keeping an eye on the goings-on to bother with the likes of me.

A rare shot of Joe Bob inside, balanced precariously on Fred’s recliner.


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6-24-15 Wednesday — 14 Comments

  1. I know I’ve said this before, but your posts and pictures really start my day off on the right foot. (Paw.) (Ok, not yesterday because MIZ POO. But still.) Yours is the first site I check in the morning and these kitties always make me smile. THANK YOU!!

  2. Sheriff Kara always has that deep frown of disapproval on her face! And Carlin’s little face is so distinct, adorable.

  3. omg – that first picture of the 7 of them….snarky, not paying attention and “wait – his ears aren’t clean yet” hahaha

    I swear Carlin makes me think of our Cairo….brothers from different mothers 🙂

  4. Hi This is about Miz Poo. The strange thing for me is I found her Christmas yesterday morning before I got onto your site. Her spirit was here in Los Angeles! I love that card and I was so happy to hear about the “back story”. She definitely was a treasure!

  5. Dear Robyn, I was so very sorry to hear about Ms Poo. (We go out of town for TWO DAYS). I know how much she meant to you. She was such a personality! Best wishes to you all in this sad time. xx

  6. The kitties are adorable, but I’m more than a little in love with Miss Lucy. She’s so pretty and would probably be better behaved than her hellions. I remember a story you told about a woman wanting to adopt a cat that had been a mother because she would be more gentle (or something like that) and I laugh. All mother cats seem to wield an iron paw with their kittens. And the kittens need it!

    Glad you hear the kitties are giving you healing snuggles. I will miss Miz Poo updates. Hugs to you, Fred, and all the kitties. (Hugging Stinkerbelle can be aspirational.)

  7. Thank you so much for linking to my tribute to Chandler 🙂 You know, more then once I thought of Chandler and Miz Poo comparing notes at the bridge..

    COMPLAINIER is my new favorite word..

    Carlin looks so out of place when you put him on the bed so you would have all eight.. kind of a ‘why did you do that??” sort of face.

    and if your schedule is in ink (OHEMGEE your schedule is in INK!?!) then it must be obeyed..

  8. Hee hee Carlin, yup, you are a love muffin alright! And gotta love Roseanne’s fabulous eye liner.

    I was beginning to wonder when I’d see handsome Joseph Robert. I almost didn’t recognize him laying about inside the house!

  9. I was so sorry to hear about Miz Poo’s passing, please accept my most sincere condolences for you and your human and kitty family.