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Look who it is! Alton said:

Khaleesi and her human are spending the summer with us in Huntsville before starting grad school, and I wanted to give you a quick update on how her summer is going. I came downstairs this morning and saw this:

“Khaleesi, you know you’re not supposed to perch on top of the bread machine. What are you looking at?”

“Oh, it’s your arch nemesis, Senor Chipmunk.”

“In that case, carry on.”

I just love seeing that sweet girl, so happy and relaxed and in such a great home! Thanks for the update, Alton!


Orlando would like you to know that these kittens make excellent pillows.

Isn’t he just the prettiest boy?


Surrounded by kittens.

Blaster keeps an eye on the ceiling fan, ’cause SOMEONE has to.


Was there a wildly waving feather teaser involved in these pictures, you think?

Dennis in the pagoda, Mooch underneath him. I haven’t been able to capture it on camera yet, but sometimes I go upstairs and find Dennis in the top part of the pagoda, and all the little ones underneath him.

Orlando gets a belly rub.

And does some yoga.

He is so good with other cats – kittens, adult cats, he doesn’t care. He loves ’em all!

Orlando’s been here almost two weeks, so he’ll go back to Petsmart in a few days, and I’ll bring Angelo home. I had hoped that Angelo would be adopted while Orlando was gone, but UGH THESE SLOW ADOPTIONS ARE KILLING MEEEEEE.

Fred has, in the last couple of days, started referring to Orlando as “Orlangelo”, so I’m sure that’s what he’ll be calling Angelo, too. Well, unless he goes for calling him “Anglando,” that is.


“Am loonily tired of your shenanigans, lady. Go ‘way.”


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6-24-14 — 27 Comments

  1. Khaleesi is just beautiful!!! So glad to see her!!!

    Orlando is really handsome. I just don’t see how he hasn’t been snatched up! AND HE HAS A CHIN STRAP, PEOPLE!!!! Can you put on his cage info sheet how good he is with kittens and all those other wonderful traits he has?

    • I’ll have to double-check the cage card, but I’m pretty sure it says that. In fact, I stopped by Petsmart today, and Angelo’s card specifically states that he’s great with other cats and would be happiest in a multi-cat home, so I’m sure that Orlando’s card says the same.

  2. The first photo reminds me why I sometimes refer to Khaleesi as Frankenstein’s Cat. Her front legs are so different that she looks like she was stitched together.

  3. What a nice surprise to see our gorgeous Mother of all Dragons! She’s even more pretty than I remember! I’m so glad she finally found her forever home! (I’m still kinda sad it wasn’t mine but try not to dwell on that, lol).

    Orlando looks like he has a wee perma-smile going on, really cute!

    You can definitely see the family resemblance between Mooch & Blaster. Those two are undeniably precious (but Marshall is still my favourite!).

    I wonder if Uncle Dennis will miss this batch when it’s time for them to go? They sure do make a sweet group to hang out with!

  4. Hello beautiful Khaleesi!! It’s up to you former mama kitties to keep this world straight. Don’t you let Senor Chipmunk get away with any shenanigans!!

  5. So glad to see Khaleesi so happy, despite her ongoing battles with senor chipmunk. She’s got that relaxed and satisfied expression on her face.

    Oh Orlando. If you were mind I’d be kissing those black hair tips on your ears. A lot.

  6. Orlando you little faker. Had me totally believe the little stinker was sick and he just wanted out of school for a few weeks. Hmph. I’m sure he needed the R&R anyway and I know Angelo will enjoy his time off, too. Angelo is HUGE. One big huge love.

  7. It looks like you have photo-shopped a smile on Orlando !!!

    There will be so many opportunities to get a picture of Dennis ruling over the kittens on the pagoda !!

    Jake your Momma can’t help with her shenanigans !! It is the way she rolls !!

    Khaleesi looks so content and healthy in her forever home !

  8. I’ve had a terrifically angry day at work so far* (and I’ve only been here one hour!) and BOY, what I wouldn’t give to crash on a bed, surrounded by kittens. You must have awesome low blood pressure numbers, Robyn, that’s what I’m saying. 🙂

    *because people in general are STUPID

    • Hmmmm… someone needs to start up a mobile business – maybe a converted bus? – where people can go out and take a 15 – 20 minute nap, surrounded by cats!

      I DO have excellent blood pressure! 🙂

      • Didn’t I suggest something similar a while back? (Or maybe I only thought about writing the suggestion here and didn’t… that’s entirely possible too.)

        My idea was that you operate a mobile kitten therapy service, whereby people needing some cheering up in the form of play time with kittens would have you bring your fosters around. I seem to remember someone else commenting that if you start the kittens early enough in acclimating them to riding around in a car, that they would probably not mind all the car travel that would entail. Anyway, it seems that this idea is getting traction, Robyn, so get on it!

          • Indeed! And you know what? I just thought of this: I bet it would get the kittens adopted a whole lot faster too!! So, there’s no downside to this at all.

          • Excellent idea! I would skip my lunch for kitten play time and then the rest of the day at work would be just splendid!!!

            Everyone would be asking why GD has a silly grin on her face!

            • Holy moly, a coworker and I regularly discuss how much more productive we’d be if break time could include a basket of kittens. Of course, that’s assuming we could tear ourselves away from them and actually GO BACK to our desks!

  9. I adore that if there is a good reason to break the rules that it is OK.. and Senor Chimpunk is a good reason 🙂

    Frankenfeet.. yup, I can see that, although I see her as a reckless artist who got the paint all over herself 🙂

    Five out of six kittens agree, a wildly waving feather toy MUST be looked at.