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Marshall loves to sit on top of this scratcher (which is located at the end of Fred’s bed) and stare at me.

Gilbert, lookin’ for trouble.

Dennis shows off some ear floof.

Sweet Moochie-Mooch.

Sweet brudders. As someone noted yesterday, you can definitely tell that these two are brothers.

“Why am I on the bookcase?”

Marshall on the bookcase.

Dennis, hanging out on the cat tree in my room on Saturday. You can’t see it, but he was wearing a collar. I figured he’d freak out when Fred put the collar on him, but he didn’t react in the slightest.

All of a sudden, Marshall and Grant have hit their long-and-lanky stage. They turned three months old on Sunday, so I guess they decided it was time to stretch like taffy.

I love the “diamond” on the back of Gilbert’s neck.

At nap time, I put this blanket on the bed, and the kittens gather on it, and knead and suck on it. When it’s not nap time, I’ve been keeping the blanket on that table right next to the bed. The kittens hadn’t noticed it, until suddenly they did. Gilbert was the first one to notice it…

And then Mooch joined him. So now when it isn’t nappin’ time, the blanket lives in the closet. Because I am MEAN.

Gilbert, Marshall, and Grant are off for their neutering today (Blaster and Mooch were already neutered when I got them). And then I’m taking Orlando to Petsmart and bringing Angelo home with me. THEN tonight I’ll go back and pick up Gilbert, Marshall, and Grant and bring them home. It’s going to be a driving kind of day for me!


Speaking of having a driving kind of day, I had a lot of errands to run yesterday, and while I was out I went by Petsmart to buy litter (I ran out between my regularly scheduled Chewy.com deliveries), and of course I had to go over and check out the kitties.

Tricki was having a GREAT time, tossing around a long-tailed mouse.

Silly, sweet, pretty girl.

There’s Livia on the left, Hattie on the right, and Angelo in the bottom cage, eating (he has gotten really big since he’s been at Petsmart.)

A closer look at Livia (left) and Hattie, who looks very much like a little Livia.


Pretty Alice, having Deep Thoughts.

YouTube link.


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6-25-14 — 12 Comments

  1. Ummm… WTF?! Why has no one adopted Trikki yet? Or Livia for that matter! COME ON, PEOPLE!! These are two seriously sweet and lovely girls. JEEEZ.

    PS – In addition to his superkissableface, I love Marshall’s legs… almost identical stripey-ness!

    Also, further to Mercy’s comment… there needs to be a new game developed at Crooked Acres called “SMOOCH THE MOOCH”. Not really a game, really, since the only rule is that you must smooch the Mooch every time you see him.

  2. Love the diamond on Gilbert’s coat. Tabbies have such amazing coats. The patterns and stripes and whorls are just so pretty. And then there is the tiger face. It really is like having a minature tiger in the house.

  3. GAH !!!!! Smooch the Mooch !!!!!!

    I want to go to that Pet Smart and take home Livia ad Tricki !!!! I want all the kitties !!!!!!

    I hope all goes well with the boys ‘Spa Day” and all your driving around !!

  4. the expression on his face in Marshall on the bookcase is killer..

    Leave that blanket out you MEANIE! 🙂

    I can’t believe adoptions are that slow.. come on people.. it is adopt a cat month for goodness sake.. don’t rely on someone else to do it, get out there and get one for yourself!

    • When I actually know the names of all the kitties at Petsmart, then you KNOW it’s been a long time since the last adoption! Driving. Me. NUTS!