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I know, I know, I’ve been terribly remiss in posting pictures of that silly little Norbert. To make up for it, all of today’s Dragon pictures include him!

He just hangs out here, sometimes, keeping an eye on his siblings.

If they come wandering by, he’s ready to take a swipe.

Norbert Desmond is ready for his closeup, Mr. DeMille.

“I’ma come over there and slap you, lady.”

You can see his classic tabby markings! Isn’t that cool?

Four of the five, all in one basket (Puff was across the room, hanging out with his mama.)

“There no room in here for Puff’s big head, lady.”

Oh, I love this boy. LOVE HIM.

He’s such a sweet thing.

So sweet mama can’t resist taking a bite.

Ember loves to pick fights.

And again, only four of the five kittens are present. This time, Ember was across the room sleeping, and uninterested in snack time.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Would you care to meet someone new? You’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow to meet his siblings, but here’s a sneak peek. This picture makes me laugh and laugh. Forgive the fact that it’s so blurry – I think the point comes across loud and clear.

Meet Jon Snow.


Tomorrow, you’ll get to meet the rest of House Stark.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Babies? Yeah. I’ll just stay out here, THANKS.”


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6-25-13 — 61 Comments

  1. Kittehs!!! I’m missing a lot of the inside jokes since I’m not watching Games of Thrones, I suspect. Since I’m only ten years or so behind the bubble, I’m power-watching The West Wing, and wonder if any litters were named for that show. Toby Ziegler? Perfect kitteh name. CJ Craig? Ditto. Leo? OMG, perfect.

    Oops, gotta go. 2002 is calling.

    • I don’t think there have been West Wing names – I’ll add ’em to my list of potential kitten names! 🙂

  2. Babies!!!

    And we just finished season one of game of thrones and are hooked, so I’m so excited to meet the adorable house of stark! (Please tell Me you named one Tony!)

  3. Norbert’s adorable, just adorable. They are in that I haven’t grown in to my ears yet stage now aren’t they? Or at least Norbert sure is!

  4. All I know about Game of Thrones is that lots of people die – that’s all I need to know lol (though the sound of dragons is tempting). I LOVE the little points to Norbert’s ears!

      • There’s an ad for something where this small dragon wanders around the city looking for his lady who keeps asking “Where’s my dragon?” If it wasn’t for all the rapes and killings I would be watching but I’ve lost my tolerance for that. If it was just a story about a girl and her cute little dragon I’d be a fan.

        Can’t wait to find out about the newbies.

  5. House of Stark?!?! Yikes!! Awww but more babies!! How adorable!

    Norbert is wonderful – such a cutie!!

    Take care

  6. YaaaaaaY…. Norbert!!! Norbert Desmond hehehehe…. and more babies!!!! Today is starting off so very well!!! Thank you!

  7. I know zero about Game of Thrones except that there tends to be much high drama, which puts me off both the books and the television series. Dragons, though… I’m seconding the person above who was intrigued by the dragony idea. Hmm. Dragonkittens, though! Hi Norbert! Is Khaleesi still a super lovebug? And oh gosh, hi itty Snow!

  8. Is it wrong to want to smush my face into that basket of kittens?

    Baby-babies? Are you kidding me? Hello, Jon Snow. You are just as handsome as your name-sake, although where you get the potty-mouth at such a young age…

  9. My husband has read all the books of the GOT series. I have not but feel schooled through osmosis. Welcome new little ones!

  10. Ah ha! I suspected something was up with all the busy busy statements and ultra cleaning of rooms. Sneaky lady. I suspect you literally have your hands full. Wish I could take a dragon or two off of your hands. We had a Norbert in our family back a few years ago. Maybe I can convince hubby that we have to take in ‘family’.

  11. Oh, wow. The “aerial” view of snack time shows little Ruth’s interesting coloring – brown ears and sooty noggin and back. Little Norbert…reminds me a little of The Stomps. *sigh*

  12. I can almost hear Norbert screaming: “Mooooooommmmm, they said I was adopted. Am not!” :=)

    Oh boy, new batch of kittehs tomorrow. Can’t wait!

  13. OMG MORE tiny babies? and his eyes are open already! oh my gosh!!!! squeeee!!!! how I do love ruth and ember and puff and norbert and scorch and their mama. i would love to adopt that WHOLE FAMILY!!!

  14. BITTY BAY-BEHS!!! And I’m guessing bottle babies, too, if you’re wiping bottoms to make them go potty? Oy, that’s a handful, but I can’t wait to meet the House Stark!!! I was so excited that I was on the road when the season finale of GOT was airing, because I thought for sure the hotel would have HBO…but of course they had Showtime instead! I was so ticked, though I did catch up with The Borgias.

    Oh Norbert Desmond (ha, ha!)…I do love me a tuxie! Hummm…Robyn, am I correct in that you do NOT have a black tuxie in your mix of perms right now?? (See, I know Joe Bob is a grey tuxie, and I don’t count Maxi’s locket as making her a tuxie…so…???) 😉

  15. “She is wiping your bottom so you can poop. You know NOTHING, Jon Snow…”


    Can’t wait to meet the rest of the Starks!!!

  16. May I second the call for a set of West Wing kittens?? I watched the show when it originally ran, but I don’t think it’s too late for such a retro memorial! 🙂 I have to admit that I have no interest/clue about GOT, so for me, the appeal is merely 100% kitteh! 🙂

  17. New babies! Only about 10 days old by the look of those barely-open eyeballs? I’m eager to hear the back-story, though I’m guessing it may be a little sad given that you’re having to do the momma jobs.

    Norbert is an adorable little peanut. You’ve had some damn cute kittens in the past couple of months!

  18. If Norbert were mine, I’d spend the rest of his life kissing that white stripe down his nose. I swear he’s got some an iconic cap-shaped head. Straight to some anime or Japanese commercial. I remember how his mother looked at him that first day like “what the heck? where did THIS come from?” Now she probably can’t remember any of that.

    That pink basket picture worried me until you said there were only four kittens in there. I saw those chicken legs sticking up in the back and wondered if someone was being smothered in the kittenpile.

    • My tuxie Jinx has a big white stripe down his nose and I’m always kissing it! Since he was rescued out of the middle of a busy street when he was about 5 weeks old, I’ve always said that his guardian angel kissed him on his nose first. He learned as a baby to turn his nose up at me when I say “give kiss”!

      My tuxie Tuxie has a smaller white stripe on his nose, but since he showed up when he was a teenager, he is a little less tolerant of me kissing his nosie. 🙂

  19. Norbert Desmond, you are gorgeous! (And that picture is hilarious!)

    And more baybees!!!!

  20. OMG the stark family!!!!
    Just don’t include Theon in the Starks, even though he was with them in the first season- he is such a whiner.

    And I love Norbert’s cinnamaroll-tabby swirl! I thought he was just a black tuxie!
    And no, I didn’t misspell cinnamon roll, my kids call that kind of tabby cinnamaroll, for some odd reason- after the sanrio character who is in fact not even a cat. LOL. here’s a link to cinnamaroll if you’re curious:

  21. New babies, yay!!

    I have a suggestion for a future litter: The Companions. The babies could all be named after Doctor Who companions.

    Rose Tyler
    Martha Jones
    Donna Noble
    Amy Pond
    River Song
    Clara Oswald

    Jack Harkness
    Mickey Smith
    Wilfred Mott
    Rory Williams

    You would make a lot of nerds very happy! Although we prefer the term Whovians. 😀

    • Make us really happy and use some Classic Who names, and you’ll run out of kittens before you run out of names

      Sarah Jane

      and on and on and on…

    • I love this idea! I especially love the gender versatility in using first or last names. Who doesn’t want a kitten named Oswald? Nobody, that’s who.

  22. Perfect !!! Just perfect !!!! New bitty kitties !!! My daily kitty fix is secure !!!

    Norbert is so handsome !!! Ruth still has my heart !!!

  23. Norbert is impossibly ADORABLE. You must keep him.

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the Starks. Is there an Arya?

    How about a Mad Men litter? A big black stud muffin of a kitten could be Don Draper……

  24. New kittehs?!!!! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s post! Well….I always look forward to reading you every day. Your kitteh pictures are the best! 😀

  25. Your babies always look so healthy and happy! I can’t wait to hear all about this new batch!!! I have a baby question for you.. I just adopted a kitten who is about 6 weeks old, he is from a barn and his mom died when he was very young. Apparently, all of his siblings died and this particular baby was not shy about going up to other moms in the barn and nursing, he also got spilled goat’s milk. He is spunky. Anyway, I saw him while visiting and brought him home. He is doing well, we are on our third day and he has a bit of diarrhea from change in food, deworming and probably stress. I am giving him slippery elm and he is doing better. He weighs 16.5 ounces and has his molars and his eyes are changing, so I know he is on the small side, not surprisingly. I have had bottle babies before that were orphans, but none that had gone this long all on their own. What I find the most heartbreaking is that he sucks his own belly… when he curls up to sleep and purr he just sucks on his own belly…. he does not seem to be irritating it… but I don’t know, it kinda makes me worry. Have you ever had one do this? I have tried giving him other things to suck on but that won’t do.. he obviously does it to comfort himself since he was all alone for so long. Just wondering if you have ever had one do this and any ideas of things I could give him as a substitute?
    Thanks and good luck with your babies!

    • It is absolutely normal – you’re right that he does it to comfort himself, and also to satisfy his urge to suck. I’ve had several kittens who do that, and as long as it’s not irritating where he sucks, I’d let him do it. He’ll probably grow out of it, though I should say that sometimes they don’t. It could be a lifelong behavior. You could try redirecting him to a blanket (they seem drawn to wool beds or blankets), but then you run the risk of him ingesting material from the bed or blanket. You could also try a Catsifier pillow. I have one of those, and I honestly have never been able to get a kitten or cat interested in it, so I can’t swear that it would work but it might be worth a try!

      • Perhaps he needs a kitten-adoring older cat? Best of luck to you and this little angel. And Robyn, thanks for sharing yet another crew with us!

      • Thanks for the ideas! He does not seem to be hurting himself.. the hair is missing in that spot, but the skin looks fine. I will ignore it and see if it goes away 🙂 He is all ready doing it less than when he first arrived.. so maybe he is comfortable now and he pretty much always has a full belly. We have a recently adopted older Dachshund who is afraid of most cats, but seems to love the kitten and he is being a wonderful baby sitter and warm thing to cuddle for the kitten. My other cats are cautiously watching the kitten.

    • In my limited experience, kittens you try to avoid having suckle will suckle for life.. kittens you let and or encourage to suckle stop doing it..

      I too am of the school of thought that if it isn’t irritating him, let him. I have had multiple sets of fosters that would suck on each other – occasionally on ‘private’ parts.. that is to be discouraged..

      if it does become irritated, you could use the tube portion of a tube sock as a body stocking..

  26. Oh, new ba-bees!!!! Woot! And Norbert..who can’t have a soft spot for the little interloper? Adorable!

  27. I love Norbert’s floofy fringe! And his tabby swirls – when I first saw that picture I thought it was another kitten and was trying to think who it could be.

    Welcome Jon Snow! As another GOT virgin (or whatever the proper term is), when I hear that name, I think of the longtime British newscaster. Very distingished, tall and blond.

    Now there’s a thought – newscaster kittens! Some names past and present from US, UK and Canada…and there are so many more:
    and my favorite name ever, BBC reporter Humphrey Hawksley!

    And Robyn? Since you read this far…. You ARE a tease! Can’t wait until tomorrow!

  28. *sigh* Oh Norbert, my Norbert..
    That which we call a Norbert. By any other word would be as adorable!

    LOVE the tabby markings, they are awesome!