6-26-14 – Throw Back Thursday

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Throw Back Thursday: Dennis!

Someone mentioned going back and looking at Dennis’s kitten pictures, so I thought that would be a good topic for Throw Back Thursday. He’s not completely grown yet, but he certainly looks more adult than kitten these days, even though he continues to be a pretty small cat.

The day we introduced him to the rest of the Players, and Maria was like “Pardon me, do I KNOW you?”

He was such a BABY.

Oh, that little round face.

Ferdinand found him intriguing.

He was so wary at first.

But it didn’t take long for his tolerance for other kitties to shine through.

Even though they insisted on showing their butts to him.

Remember when Mariette walked over to him SPECIFICALLY to show him her butt?

YouTube link.

He always stayed in the background whenever cats clustered together. He was like that for months – and still doesn’t really like to be crowded.

Always SO good with other cats.

SO good.

Even when they’re annoying and kind of gross.

And lucky for me, he finally decided that humans aren’t so bad, either.


Marshall, keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

Gilbert photobomb.

“What?” Grant, with Blaster in the background.

Silly Blaster.

Dennis, keepin’ ’em clean.

“What do I want to read next? Whaaat am I in the mood for? This Koontz fellow looks interesting…”

All of a sudden, Grant’s ears seem to have doubled in size.

Before he went back to Petsmart yesterday, Orlando took the opportunity to do some kitten-gnawing.

He loves the smell of kitten ears.

Mooch, wondering why I’m laughing at his silly self.

Grant, Gilbert, and Marshall are now neutered. Gilbert, Mooch, and Blaster still need their rabies shots (Gilbert isn’t quite three months old yet), so they’ll go for that next week.

So if any of you are seriously interested in any of these guys, let me know. They’re just about ready to go, and god knows when room will open up for them at Petsmart.

Speaking of Petsmart, Orlando’s back there now, and Angelo is here. He immediately went into the closet to hide when we got home, but by the end of the day he’d moved closer to the doorway between the closet and the foster room. I predict that by this weekend, he’ll be looking out of the foster room and thinking about exploring.


Stefan, in a rare moment of inactivity.


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6-26-14 – Throw Back Thursday — 22 Comments

  1. Dennis reminds me of our perfect boofer (erm, beautiful. Boofer was our weird word for it, which I’m sure you understand having cats) boy we just lost, so it is bittersweet to look through all of his pictures.

  2. Those last two smiling pictures of Dennis are awesome. We should have known right there & then what was to become of him. 😀

    You know, for a cat that doesn’t really do much other than sleep and bring home the occasional ‘friend’… he’s just bursting with personality. lol

  3. love the “tolerance” picture where there are two laughing kittens and one “sheesh” expression from Dennis. And that last one is so sweet up him looking up at you.

    • I loved that last one too. He has a great profile there.

      It certainly looks like he’s going to be your kitten-raising assistant.

  4. No, not the Kootntz! Gilbert (I think it is Gilbert), you will be up all night with nightmares and keep everyone in the house up with your screams. Not the Koontz!

  5. Dennis is so AWESOME !!!!!!

    OOOOO !!!! what is Robyn reading ????? I love seeing people’s bookshelves !!!

    I really need to smooch Mooch !!!

    They broke the mold when they made Stefan !!!!

    • Did they break the mold, or is Stefan still napping in it? And baby Dennis is adorable. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why no one adopted him, but I’m glad we get to see him grow up.

      And just so the universe hears my plea…WHEN ARE THESE KITTIES GOING TO GET ADOPTED? Did any adoptions happen earlier this week? I was stalking your facebook post in the hope of an announcement.

      Thanks for sharing your kitties. They make me smile every day.

  6. I second everything everyone else said about all the photos, but am I the only one to notice that little tip of a pink tongue in that last pic of Mooch (I almost wrote “Smooch”!)? AAAAdorbs!

    • Isn’t that great? It’s not like he was sitting there grooming himself and was interrupted, he was just sitting there with the tip of his tongue sticking out, for no reason at all. I mean, not that he NEEDS a reason!

  7. I adore Dennis’ perpetually perplexed/annoyed expression on his face. I know he’s obviously not *always* grumpy, but his face is just stuck in the “500% done with your shit” position and I love it. I’m so glad he’s a permanent resident because I would have missed his face when he left.

    • He’s kind of like Mister Boogers was, where even though he’s purring like crazy, he looks completely fed up with your nonsense. 🙂

  8. I see a copy of Vertical Run on your bookshelf and it makes me squee because that’s one of my favorite books of all time!

    • That’s Fred’s bookcase – I don’t think he’s read that book yet, but I’ll tell him to look forward to it. 🙂

  9. I love seeing Dennis in a similar position in the “Silly Blaster” pic. In fact, I love all these pics — and captions. Am hoping for some serious adoption action soonest!

  10. Dennis is a wonderful cat whatever he looks like, but I confess I hoped he was always going to look as stocky and no-neck as he did when he was a little kitten.