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2012-06-26 (1)
General Grumpy is concerned that an alien spaceship appears to have landed RIGHT in the middle of the base!

2012-06-26 (2)
Norland likes to pick fights with Newt.

2012-06-26 (3)
Newt is happy to oblige.

2012-06-26 (4)
We’ve still got Stompers’s cage set up in the guest bedroom, and of course it’s become the place where I stick stuff so the kittens won’t get into it. Apparently Fianna discovered that there’s a comfy place to hang out. That’s probably not good for the scale, though.

2012-06-26 (5)
“I can haz kissin’?”

2012-06-26 (6)
Stompers checks out the fleece bed and declares it good for nursing on, even though nothing comes out.

2012-06-26 (7)
Kennebec slurps.

2012-06-26 (8)
Cap’n Floof shows off his belly flop skillz.

2012-06-26 (9)
Alice seethes…

2012-06-26 (10)
..and Norland decides it’s probably best to move on.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-06-26 (11)
“I can haz a vacation from these monsters?”

Fred put Brandywine in his room before he left for work, and then I moved her back into the foster room after evening snacks were doled out, so she got about 12 hours of relaxing. One thing I can tell y’all about that girl, when she doesn’t have to deal with the little monsters, she is the biggest lovebug. I went in and laid down on the bed with her, and she snuggled right up to me and purred her head off. What a sweet, sweet girl.

2012-06-26 (12)
Wellington watches the feather teaser.

2012-06-26 (13)
Mr. Stripey declares this toy HIS.

2012-06-26 (14)
I’m not sure why it is, but Mr. Stripey gets all kinds of puffed-out when he’s playing. Sometimes he hisses at the toy he’s playing with.

2012-06-26 (15)
“Sungold concern with your mental well being, lady.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-06-26 (16)
Tom Cullen will guard the kitten food and keep it safe. IN HIS MOUTH.


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6-26-12 — 42 Comments

  1. …. Cap’n Floof, on the other hand, appears to be totally unconcerned that the crazy cat lady put a squash in his bed!

    What wonderful photos and captions, as usual. I especially like Newt and Norland. Kittens can be maniacally brave, can’t they? And smart. Moving quickly away from Alice was smart!

    I’m happy that Brandywine is happy… and getting a break from her hell spawn! She’s done a good job of raising those boys, hasn’t she?

    Finally, Tom isn’t hoping to eat the kittens’ food! It’s just that the cans are cool to lie on. Honest!!

  2. Brandywine is the prettiest girl. She’s probably barely more than a baby herself, and loving all the lovin’ you’re giving her!

    Speaking of Mr. Stripey’s playtime floofing, my girl Diva (and her brother Dweezil) are both OBSESSED with Da Bird. But Diva is the only one who will hiss and growl at it once she’s caught it. It must be more common than we knew. (Also hilarious.)

  3. While admiring that beautiful girl Miss Brandywine (seriously… those eyes are mesmerizing!), I happened to notice something in the bottom right corner of the picture. Those boys truly never leave her be, do they? No wonder Mama needs a vacation!

    Can Stompers have kissing? All day long! You gave them to him, right?

    General Grumpypants looks like he’s asking Newt, “Are you my daddy?” 😉

    • Of COURSE I gave them to him. 🙂 And no, those little monsters seriously never leave her alone. If she’s standing still, they’re trying to latch on!

  4. I don’t know why, exactly, but it cracks me up that (according to the photo captions, anyway) EVERY ONE of your cats calls you just “lady.” Fosters, short-termers, permanent residents… no one bothers to learn your name.

  5. I absolutely love Brandywine. My tortie girl is a huge purring, cuddling lovebug also. I don’t understand how anyone could NOT love a tortie!

    And Stompers…let’s just say if orange cats didn’t irritate my husband’s allergies so badly, I’d be driving cross-country to snag him up!

  6. I declare, Stompers has just stomped all over my heart! How does he compare size-wise with the ‘Maters?

    And good news for my 3 kittens – all negative on their 2nd tests, so we appear to have dodged a major FeLV bullet with them! So Tippy will be off to her new home after the 4th, and I can seriously start looking for homes for Samantha and Sabrina!

    And since that will put me below 6 cats, I will be plotting my takeover of the country this week-end….. 🙂

  7. so did Norland win that fight?

    Schuster likes to sit on the baby scale I have that looks similar to yours. He often makes a point to go and sit on it..

    while the fleece might not give milk, it does give comfort. *covers screen where image of Stompers is with kisses*

    and Mr. Stripes is probably growling because he just learned he can. Watching kittens learn for the first time they can puff up at will is a riot too. I often miss the first time but if I’m lucky I’ll stumble upon their practice time of it afterwards as they walk around all “I’m Big, I’m Bad, Oh Yeah, Fear me!!”

    Hey Robyn, wanna go to BlogPaws with me next year?

  8. The adorable babies are the perfect way to start my day. After I’ve finished the ‘have to look at’ sites (email and bank account), I navigate here. Once I see the current date, I put the computer aside, and fix my morning iced coffee, then settle in for the joy ride. I would love to give each and every one of your kitties kisses all day long. My two only put up with it for a short time 🙁 I love your blog, and each and every baby you take care of. Thank you for being so good to them, and your loyal followers.

  9. Fresh, beautiful pattypan squash. I’m jealous.

    Down in Atlanta, they only have the small “gourmet” ones which are three times what they should cost. Meanwhile there’s small country towns which supposedly only lock their car doors in the summer to avoid the back seat being filled up with summer squash/zucchini.

    BTW, smart move Norland, I don’t want to see Alice unleash it so to speak.

  10. Hey Robyn… I just had a brilliant idea. It’s just like “Robyn and Nance make the same recipe” except we’ll call it “Robyn and Kelly foster the same kittens”. The way it works is that you send Stompers and General Grumps up to Michigan for me. I’ll give them kisses all day and post pictures on my blog. Genius, right? 😉

  11. Lawd, I just dropped over dead from the bountiful cuteness o’the kittehs this morning…..which is a good thing, ’cause then I don’t have to clean my kitchen ;)!

  12. O.K. I do this knowing people will like me and hate me for doing it…

    Go HERE to see a litter of seven itty bitties with a mom who is only a little less cute than Brandywine!

    You’re welcome! I’m sorry!

    • I was watching them, and then I walked away and THEN they all started meowing at their mama, and I was trying to figure out where the meowing was coming from! 🙂

  13. I don’t mean this in a mean way but I love it when Alice seethes. She is SO put out by the other cats in HER home. Is it wrong me me to find it highly amusing? That face of hers… the utter disdain… cracks me up. You can bet if I were there I’d be doing the ABSOLUTELY WRONGEST thing by rewarding that behaviour with oodles of hugs and kisses. hehehehe….

    • He does! Hee, hee…I can picture him with a little kerchief tied on his head, like he has a toothache!

  14. Am I the only one wondering how Inspector Stompers managed to get up on the counter? Surely he’s not big enough to do that by himself yet?? I certainly have no objection to cats on the kitchen counter (like it would stop them if I did!), but there’s no way I could get anything done with that little morsel stomping around!

    And totally unrelated to this post (except that it does pertain to cats), I was in Petsmart this past Sunday, and decided to check out the kitty room. There was an incredibly affectionate orange kitty in one of the top cages who, if she’d been able, would have oozed right through the cage bars in order to get more lovin’. She was SHAMELESS. 😉 I petted her for a bit, then spotted three WEE kitties in the cage below her; two of them were trying to kill each other, while the third looked on with total disinterest. I stooped down to get a better look, and maybe break up the fight, when all of a sudden, WHAP! SLASH! Orange Kitty had decided she was NOT done with me yet, and had expressed her displeasure by reaching a paw through the bars to first, smack me in the head, then hook me with her claw on the backstroke! How rude. 😉 The lady standing next to me cracked the hell UP, and once I realized what had happened, so did I. Once I stopped giggling, I immediately thought of you and all the paws o’ doom you face on a daily basis. 😉

    • He may have had a little help getting up there. You have to assist the Inspector when he needs it, or he’ll give you even more demerits.

      Heheh, gotta love the Paws o’ Doom!

  15. Hey guys, I don’t know if this will get seen tonight or if I will need to repost in the am. Anyway, I know someone that needs to transport a kitty on a 4 hr trip. The cat has only traveled maybe once or twice to the vets 1/2 hr away. She has a carrier but needs ideas on how to get the cat through this trip. She will not drug the cat to accomplish this. Any suggestions?

    • Holly, I have no suggestions, but I’ll post this at the top of tomorrow’s entry and hopefully you’ll get some good advice in the comments tomorrow (and I suspect a few people will weigh in tonight, too!)

    • I’ve traveled several hours with cats and generally just sitting in the carrier, while not the comfort and luxury of laying on the bed and being fed tuna, is the safest way. I’ve known cats to sit in carriers for quite some time. It isn’t ideal, but it isn’t cruel to have them in there for the four hours. You COULD get a larger cage or carrier for larger dogs and offer food/water/litter, but often when under stress kitties won’t eat nor use the litter box. You could also purchase a walking harness or a more secure walking jacket so you could take the kitty out of the cage/carrier/car to stretch it’s legs. but again this is only four hours, and I imagine the friend would rather just power through with out stops, I know I generally do.

      I worked for a vet for a while and I saw cats sit in a cage not moving (because it was ticked and stressed not because it was sick) for most of the day.

      I’d also strongly recommend multiple forms of identification. A tag can come off. Microchipping would be something to consider. and contact info should be where someone can be reached during transport. if you don’t have a cell phone, then someone who will be near a phone on the off chance something happens.

      Good luck with the transport.

      • Thanks Connie. She will probably just muddle through and keep her in the carrier but the thought of a harness and having someone hold her during the trip did cross our minds. Thanks for the well wishes.

        • I’m with Connie on the keep-the-kitty-in-the-carrier front. My first cat (RIP, Molly-moll) went to and fro cross-country — in the plane cabin with me, of course). She got lots of pets and peeked her head out of the top of the bag but was fine inside. Four hours will be a morceau de gateau! Robyn, all the world’s in love with Stompers, which means I get Cap’n Froggy Legs Floof all to myself. Goody!

    • Simba has made a cross country trip (north to south, so the cheater way) without drugs and without being in the carrier. But he’s a special case and I wouldn’t recommend it. In any case, we had a carrier in the car that he was locked inside before any of the car doors were opened and a litterbox in the back (that he refused to use until it was placed in our hotel room for the night).

      Honestly, as someone who has moved more times than she would like to contemplate with cats in tow, four hours is not that long a trip. I, personally, would pack a cooler, fill the gas tank, and make a bathroom stop right before putting the cat in the car and then drive until I got to my destination. A second person in the car to help entertain and soothe the kitty isn’t a half-bad idea either if she can swing it.

      Connie is very wise with the identification ideas as well. Good luck to your friend. Kitty may make it a memorable drive, but four hours goes quickly with good tunes on the radio (as long as kitty doesn’t sing opera harmonies!)

  16. Do you think Brandywine is putting on a little weight, since she’s now away from the babies half the day? She looks so thin!

    And I love Norland and Newt “fighting”! So cute! (Although not as cute as Stompers, of course…)