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Holly posted this in the comments yesterday:

I know someone that needs to transport a kitty on a 4 hr trip. The cat has only traveled maybe once or twice to the vets 1/2 hr away. She has a carrier but needs ideas on how to get the cat through this trip. She will not drug the cat to accomplish this. Any suggestions?

I don’t have any suggestions – I’ve only once had to make a long drive with a cat, when I moved here from Rhode Island, and it was NOT fun (though it wasn’t that bad, either, she was a pretty laid-back cat) – but I know you guys can help out. If you’ve got any suggestions, please weigh in!

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2012-06-27 (1)
I. B. Floofy. (Note that SOMEONE has chewed his whiskers down to nubs. I believe Norland is the culprit, but cannot prove it.)

2012-06-27 (2)
Belly full of whiskers, Norland takes a snooze.

2012-06-27 (3)
Pro Summer tip: line your windowsills with kittens to keep the cool air from seeping out.

2012-06-27 (4)

2012-06-27 (5)
Kennebec at the top of the pic, Stompers in the middle, and a glimpse of Floofypants over there on the right left.

2012-06-27 (6)
After a nursing session on his favorite blanket, Kennebec is happy and ready to play.

2012-06-27 (7)
Stompers and the Floof. They are the exact same shade of orange.

2012-06-27 (8)
Stompers watches the Floof and does not approve of his skillz.

2012-06-27 (9)
More watching…

2012-06-27 (10)
“He is not doing it right. Make him STOP.”

And this movie from a few days ago, of Stompers trying to show Agata who the boss is. Yeah, good luck with that, little man!

YouTube link

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2012-06-27 (11)
Dingwall Scotty goes for the stretch.

2012-06-27 (12)
Sungold sharpens his claw on my pants.

2012-06-27 (13)
Getting ready to complain. Wellington is the gentlest, sweetest of the bunch. He’ll let me hold and kiss him for a long time.

2012-06-27 (15)
Bath time for Wellington.

2012-06-27 (16)
Mr. Stripey and Caspian keep an eye on the feather teaser. Sungold sits in the background and tries to decide what to do next.

2012-06-27 (17)

2012-06-27 (18)
Mr. Stripey loves that toy.

2012-06-27 (19)
Finally, a glimpse of Dingwall Scotty’s white spots.

I didn’t get any pictures of Brandywine yesterday because when I’m hanging out with her, she prefers to be RIGHT on top of me. That’s not conducive to good pictures – but it’s definitely conducive to a happy Momma kitty!

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2012-06-27 (21)
Jake watches Newt through the fence, while Elwood stomps off and tries to figure out how he, too, can get outside the fence.


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  1. Kennebec at the top of the pic, Stompers in the middle, and a glimpse of Floofypants over there on the LEFT. πŸ™‚

    Who was that whining during the movie with Stompers and Agata?

  2. Who on earth was squeaking at you during the Stompers and Agata clip? It completely distracted me from Sir Stompypants. That’s a feat in itself. Also, it brought Norman running to see what the commotion was about. Thankfully, the squeaking turned into purring at the end. Norm feels better now.

    I left a comment for Holly last night, but it was super late. 4 hours with an unhappy cat can seem like an eternity, but in the grand scheme of things a 4 hour drive isn’t that long. Do we have any idea is the little darling travels well? Some cats (my Simba is one of them) will do 4 hours quite easily and without fuss. You don’t want to know what my Einstein would have done. πŸ˜‰ It can be done without stops if you plan well. Pack snacks and drinks, fill up the gas tank, and use the bathroom before you leave. I suggest good tunes, ear plugs, and second person in the car for distracting both kitty and driver. I did this with Einstein more than few times while moving and lived to tell the tale. Good luck to her!

  3. your house is my idea of a really great spot, how do you get anything done?? id be kitten snorgling ALL day!

  4. Okay, Stompers’s mouth is killing me. He looks like he needs a pacifier. So cute. I love the video, especially at the end where Agata has walked away and he still swipes his paw at where she *was* and looks all confused. And I cannot get over what huge eyes Agata has – what a beauty!

  5. Aww, poor Stompers. He looks so sad when Agata leaves. I swear, this is the cutest bunch of kittens you’ve ever had. (I’ve said that before and I’ll probably say it again, but, darn it, I really mean it this time!)

  6. OMC – the whiskers. We had a brother sister pair once with this problem. Mom left for work and Merlin had his whiskers. She came home and he had 2 left. She questioned him and his sister Morgana ran down the hall, pinned him down, chewed off the last two and ran off. Mom was so stunned she couldn’t stop Morgana. And Merlin had to go back to the adoption floor with very very short whiskers. πŸ™‚

    • Merlin and Morgana Le Fay! I love these names! (I’m a big Mists of Avalon fan) And of course Morgana was the chewer…

      Jinx did a bit of chewing on Trixie’s whiskers when she was first introduced to him…normal pecking order stuff. Luckily all her whiskers grew back, since she was not much more than whiskers, a goose neck and wild floof when she was a kitten!

      • If you liked “The Mists of Avalon,” you really should get your hands on a copy of “Firelord,” by Parke Godwin (my favorite author nobody’s heard of). It predates “Mists,” and “Mists” owes a lot to it stylistically. MZ Bradley even wrote a glowing review of “Firelord” that’s blurbed in the Godwin book.

        He also wrote “Beloved Exile,” a really good account of Guenevere after Arthur’s death, and “The Last Rainbow,” a story of Saint Patrick. All three books deal with a unique vision of the “Fair Folk” as indigenous people of the British Isles.

        • Thanks for the info, Nolegay, I am noting those authors and books. I can use some good escapist reading when I finish The Help which my friend lent me. It’s good but it’s nice to mix it up!

      • Just want to add my that my favorite books based on the Arthurian legends are “The Crystal Cave” and “The Hollow Hills” by Mary Stewart

  7. I moved my two cats from California to Texas in July, not fun. The biggest problem was that it was always just too hot even with the AC going full blast. I would suggest freezing some water bottles or lunch bag coolers and wrapping those in some towels for them. Also, maybe draping a bedsheet over the carrier will make the cat feel more secure. I think most cats settle into it after a while and four hours isn’t too long. I would withhold food a few hours before travel (but provide water) and withhold food and water during travel in the car. Offer the food, water, and litter box at stops. I know she said drugging wasn’t an option, I assume that means drugging to sedate. Some cats will get car sick though and if that’s the case the vet can provide some anti-nausea medication. Also, if crossing state lines, be sure to have a health or rabies certificate if the state requires it. And make sure the cat is healthy to begin with!

    • When I was in college and grad school I used to travel with cats 8-9 hours. I’d stop halfway through and get a meal and let them out inside the car and feed them bits. They’d make noise for the first half hour or so and quiet down for most of the rest of the trip. I never bothered with a box in the car because they never used it.

      Later I took them cross country and did the same thing day after day and it worked out the same, except we’d be in a hotel at the end.

  8. Adorable. Nothing but adorableness flooding my screen. Needed that this a.m.!
    For Holly: I just moved five cats to my new home, a five-hour drive from my old one. One — petrified of travel — was in a hard-sided cat carrier by himself. The others were in versions of these: http://www.affordableagility.com/kennel.htm that gave them more room to move around AND had space for small litterboxes. I didn’t include food or water in them (on purpose!), but as soon I got them inside the new place, I put out fresh water and food for them. I found the “pet tent” at Wal-Mart for around $17. Weird thing — the Wal-Marts in small towns in Oklahoma carry them, but none of the Wallyworlds in the big city of Dallas did. That “large” size fits on the back seat, too, if your friend has a small car (it used to be the travel tent for Morris, who was diabetic and had to accompany me out of town a few times a year). The “extra-large” size (around $24) will take up most of your vehicle’s back end (if you have an SUV or a hatchback with fold-down back seats). I strongly suggest one of those, ’cause if your guy has to “go” at the beginning of the trip and you DON’T have a litterbox … aaaaiiiieee! Also, if you do have to make a bathroom stop for yourself, be sure to leave ALL your windows down (or the a/c on with somebody in the car). Will the cat yell for the entire trip? Probably. I was told that music — especially classical — would quiet them. Well. I tried everything: jazz, classical, blues, gospel, soul, pop, rock. My guys hushed up only twice: once during an Ozzy Osbourne song and once during a Metallica song. Go figure. Good luck, and the cat will make it just fine. But a stop at the liquor store — AFTER the cat is in his new home — isn’t a bad idea for the human! πŸ™‚

  9. That stompers video is great! he looks so much smaller and fragile that I imagined from all his photos and the big brave captions you give him!
    I’ve done 3 hours in a car with 2 cats. I just wish I coulda worn ear plugs. One of them urinated on the towel – but we didn’t die.

    • Seconding this. I’ve done several long roadtrips with cats, and ‘earplugs’ would be my advice as well, if it didn’t create a driving hazard. Four hours isn’t that long – most cats can nap in one spot for close to that long at a stretch. Carriers big enough that they can get up and move around a bit, carrier lined with towels, cover the carrier in something to help them keep calm, and stop for a few minutes every hour or two to check on them, stretch, and see if they need water. They’ll be fine.

      (As a note to Robyn, when I placed Red and Scuse in their ridiculously wonderful new home, -thank you all so much for the support here!- it was a six hour trip to their new human. They meowed themselves hoarse with complaints, but were perfectly fine otherwise, and recovered in about five seconds after being let out of the carriers and given food by their new momma. They are very well loved and I get to see updates on her tumblr, which makes me happy)

  10. Those Mater boys really are pretty arent’ they? First I thought Dingwall was gorgeous but Caspian’s got that TigerBeat charisma.Wellington in blue though, looks incredible and unbeliably squeezable.

    • They get sweeter every day, I’ll tell you that. They tend to be a little easier to handle when Brandywine’s not around (like if Mom’s not there to protect them, they have to be on their best behavior!), and I’m trying to convince them that kisses are good things. πŸ™‚

  11. Today is a good day! I FINALLY finished reading the entire Love and Hisses blog, from beginning until now. I usually read it at work so it took a few months of spare time to go through, but it was worth it to see all those cute little monkey kittens running around.

    • Fair warning, Matt…. I, too, was late to the Love and Hisses party and spent time going back to the beginning and reading ALL of Robyn’s posts.. I now suffer withdrawal and have to ‘plan my day’ around reading the current post… One post per day… yes, I am an addict… Love the posts, love the kittehs, love the pictures, love the videos… love, love LOVE it…. Thank you, Robyn… (and I will NOT hold you responsible for my addiction… I did it to myself… complete lack of self control when it comes to miniature floof / hissing / stomping… ) Sincere thanks Robyn – much much MUCH enjoyed (and continued enjoyment). Matt, consider yourself warned… weekends are tough… smiles..

      • Awww, thanks for reading!! I’m glad you’re caught up – or, no, wait. I’m sorry you’re caught up? πŸ™‚

    • I loved that too… especially since she’s bunny-kicking the Ess! What a loon!

  12. I will be moving with four cats from California to Rhode Island next year… definitely grateful for any tips! (I’ll be driving with the four of them in crates in the car and stopping every night at pet-friendly hotels/motels, but scared of the stress it will put on them to not eat/drink/pee enough for 3 days in a row)

    • I’m doing the Texas to Rhode Island haul in about 4 weeks with my two kitties. I try to sedate them. I also take the food and water up early in the morning so they use the litter box before we travel for the day. About 6 years ago I moved from Boston to Louisiana and I had 1 cat at the time. I had a litter box and food in the car for him and he never used it. Not once, only when we were in the hotel at night. So now they stay in their carriers during the drive. I find they don’t get too stressed out. They hide a bit when we get to the new place, but that would be the case if we moved across town or across the country. A new place is a new place is a new place.

      • Hope it will go well Nichole! Would be interested to hear about how it went/tips that worked!

  13. It looks like Dingwall Scotty has white eyelips in that picture….too cute!

  14. I. B. Floofy.. LOL I swear I am going to use that name one of these days.. the owners can call it IB (like eyebee)
    kittens in window – I LOVE that casually draped leg..
    Video – I think Stompers (oh who cares about his “real” name this one is so much better) was playing a game of I’m not touching you..
    Whiskers – yup, I get that from time to time. Currently Simon is with out most of his whiskers on one side.

  15. Regarding the traveling kitteh: does the kitty dislike the half-hour drive to the vet’s? Some kitties calm down after awhile. When I drove back from Alabama after adopting Dorfy (6.5 hours), she didn’t make a peep. She was small enough that her baby bed fit in the carrier and I put some of the toys (from the BAG of toys :)) Robyn sent along. I also stopped once to let her out and eat if she wanted to (she did nibble a bit), and I had a covered litterbox in the back seat in case she needed to go (she didn’t). I think if you make it as comfortable as possible, it will be less stressful. You may want to get a large carrier that can hold a bed and toys, etc.

    That’s my two cents!

    • Holy cow – that was an incredibly long drive to do in one day, here and back, wasn’t it?! I think I had forgotten it was so long!


    Stompers: Touch


    Stompers: Touch


    Stompers: Touch


  17. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for that video of Miss Agata and Stompers!! They are just too cute together! Typical Big Sister/Little Brother behavior. I just want to smother both of them with smooches!

  18. There’s a good video showing kitty restraint. Stompers looks likes he’s fighting through Jello while Agata’s moving like she just downed an entire Red Bull. Agata and Fianna still kill me, but they are all quite the cute bunch.

  19. Thank you all for your support and advice. The thing is that there will be a moving van but I believe the car is getting dragged behind. The cat will be with the people and making god-awful noises the entire trip. I will recommend stopping about half-way and offering food and water then. I will also tell them maybe towels and blankets covering the carrier will be good. I appreciate the alcohol suggestion but that is not an option either :S

    • I’m confused. Why isn’t the cat traveling with you? Are you flying while the cat travels with the rest of your stuff? If so I really would consider some form of sedation even if it’s only mild. Going on a long trip will be stressful but going on a long trip with strangers will be more stressful.

  20. Agata kind of reminds me of Ciara.

    Also, re: traveling cats, Feliway does wonders for mine.

  21. Robyn, I want you to know that there is currently a tiny black kitten ensconced in my lap and it is ALL YOUR FAULT, or so I had to tell my husband who insisted I was insane for demanding a kitten.

    I can’t look at all of these kitten pictures without longing for a new kitteh of my own. And after hearing about how long it takes the black ones to be adopted, after just losing a black one of our own last fall…well let’s just say that when I heard of a poor wee black kitten who had been found under someone’s porch, I had no choice but to make her my own.

    • Congratulations! Thank you so much for bringing this sweet black sprite into your home! β™₯

    • Yay!!! My vet fosters kittens for the same rescue that I do. There’s often a litter or two or three (like now) in residence in her clinic. For that reason, I always stop by at lunchtime instead of calling for appointments and questions… it’s kittenpalooza as they get the run of the place when there are no dogs in the lobby. I went in yesterday to make the appointment for Penny’s spay and was greeted by a horde of kittens, including a teeny tiny black one that demanded I pick her up and snuggle her. Who was I to say no? She cried so pitifully when I put her down that I immediately called the rescue and offered to take a litter off the vet’s hands to foster at my house instead. I’m hoping to get that little cutie (although I will get absolutely NOTHING done for the rest of the summer!)

  22. The perturbed expression on Elwood’s face has me laughing out loud over here. You tell ’em Ellie!

  23. That squeaking and purring kills me dead in that video! Far too cute!

    When we brought Leo home, an 8 hour trip, we took a dog kennel with a small tin pan for litter and water and food bowls. he never touched any of it, never made a single sound the whole trip… But now, a less then 10 minute trip to the vet almost requires ear plugs! Sometimes the longer trips are easier than the short ones. They have time to get used to it and chill out.

  24. Whenever I have traveled with cats (the longest trip was about three hours), it seemed that the faster I went the calmer they were. Going 80 on the freeway? Sound asleep! Hit the exit ramp and slow down? Mew! Mew! Mew!

    Please keep them in carriers, just in case an accident happens. You don’t want them to become little kitty missiles, or escape and run away in panic.

    • When I take the fosters to the vet in Tennessee, it’s a half hour trip. Most of it is on the highway, and they DO start howling when I slow down. They must know that slowing down might mean the trip is almost over!

  25. Who knew that Dingwall Scotty is an undercover tuxie! Also, making Brandywine happy is more important than taking photos of her. I’m happy she’s getting a break from those hellions and I hope that helps her gain some more weight!

  26. I love that comment about slapping him into next Tuesday! Hilarious!

    It’s been my experience and i have heard this from others, that the cays i transport like me better if they can see whats going on around them. For a four hour trip, i suggest a wire frame dog crate with a litterbox inside for the kitty. Amd bringing a water bowl.

  27. Holly: It’s been (ahem) 30 years, but I traveled cross country – Oregon coast to Maryland – with two cats. Definitely consider a sheet over the carrier, because one of our cats got car sick from watching out the window (we assume, not like we could know for sure. She was definitely happier and less lethargic when she couldn’t see out.) They would not use the litter box when we offered it at pits stops, but would at night in the hotel. One of the cats wanted to be in the nice, safe carrier at all times; the other wanted me to hold her and although not the safest idea to have a loose cat in a moving truck cab, well, it kept everyone happy so we did it. (I still have a few scars on my legs from her claws on that trip.)

    I have a friend who frequently makes a trip between Boston and VA with her cat, she swears that so long as she plays loud classical music, he’s happy. The moment she puts on something she actually wants to listen to, Kitty starts yowling. lol.

    Hope it’s a safe trip for all!