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All the kittens are doing well. It’s like a crazy house in here these days, with kittens hopping everywhere like fleas. It’s surprisingly quiet in the middle of the day, with them flopped everywhere sleeping – but wild little monkeys first thing in the morning and at dusk.

I weighed the Spice Girls over the weekend. Cilantro and Cori are both a couple of ounces over 2 pounds, and little Clove is at 1 pound, 10 ounces, so it’ll be a bit longer before they all go to be spayed. Fred reported that he saw Clove rooting around in Miz Poo’s belly fur, clearly looking for a nipple, and Miz Poo was not appreciative of this development, so hissed and smacked at her.

Poor Clove (but I can’t say that I blame Miz Poo!)

Macushla’s in charge of guarding the food.

2011-06-27 (5)
Ciara, trying to latch on. Poor Maggie – she tries her best to ignore them when they do this. Eventually, she either gives in, or jumps up where they can’t get to her.

2011-06-27 (4)
Sleeping McMaos.

2011-06-27 (3)
There’s a bed RIGHT THERE, but noooo, he has to curl up in a miserable ball on top of my sewing basket. Weirdo.

2011-06-27 (2)
They’re so ridiculously long and lanky at this age.

2011-06-27 (1)
Okay, well, THAT looks comfy.

2011-06-27 (13)
So proud of herself for flinging that pink hat off her head.

2011-06-27 (12)
Cilantro, eye on the feather teaser.

2011-06-27 (11)
Planning her jump.

2011-06-27 (9)
Whoaaaa…. back she goes!

2011-06-27 (10)
Still swingin’!

2011-06-27 (8)
Clove in profile.

2011-06-27 (7)
Cilantro in profile.

2011-06-27 (6)
Her little smile just slays me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-06-27 (14)
Maxi keeps me company when I do outside chores.


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6-27-11 — 8 Comments

  1. Is it just the camera and lighting, or is Clove growing up to have tiny bits of Calie-Tabby in her fur? I’ve seen mostly brown ticked females like that before, mostly brown tabby but with hints of orange or gold in a few places.

    • The way to tell is if the stripes are orange/brown. Brown ticked fur as the background is possible for a black cat, for example, Corbie.

  2. We know we merely read 99% of the time, without leaving a comment, but we just wanted to say how much we enjoy your posts. The mom visits to get her daily kitten fix! 🙂

    Have a great week!

  3. Awww poor little Clove looking for her mama! Awww I’m so glad mama Maggie is around – the gorgeous McMaos have the best start in life!! Hugs to all these wonderful babies!

    Hello to Maxi and Miz Poo!! Take care

  4. Your babies are so cute, ever!!!
    Oh, I hate fleas…. here is cold now, and they´re suspense… but in summer is a true hell!!!

  5. Aww – so you can scoop Clove up in one hand? She’s just one handful of kittey? Awwww….quick, post her to me!
    The mcmaos are so happy and confident, I hope they get to go to homes together; are there 6 of them? then they can head off in twos and if there are five, one can go with maggie! stop frowning, I i know I should know how many babies there are but with the international dateline and the time difference AND the seasonal change, my mind wanders some times…