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2011-06-28 (1)
Cilantro (left) and Cori. Sweet snugglin’ sisters.

2011-06-28 (2)
Ordinarily, Clove would be there with them, but she must have wandered off. Probably harassing poor Maggie.

2011-06-28 (5)
Now Cori’s on the left and Cilantro’s on the right. They sure do like to move around.

2011-06-28 (7)
There’s Clove!

2011-06-28 (6)
Grumpy are we, Clove? Don’t like Cilantro’s tail over your face?

2011-06-28 (3)
Pile of McMaos.

2011-06-28 (4)
Such a happy, happy boy.

2011-06-28 (8)
I’m seeing all three Spice Girls, but only half the McMaos. Why, it’s practically a vacation for Maggie!

2011-06-28 (9)
Cillian (I think) on the left, Cilantro on the right.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-06-28 (11)
“MY stump.”


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6-28-11 — 7 Comments

  1. Seeing the first picture of this post this morning made me remember that I had a dream about you and your sweet kittens last night! I was cuddling kittens and telling you that I can’t tell which is which, except for Ciara. Which is true, but I love them anyway!

    How obsessed with your blog do I have to be to dream about it at night?

  2. The three sisters are getting more delicious by the day — full credit to you, their Auntie Maggie, and all the cat and kitten exemplars around them. I hope the baby McMaos will make it to the shelter soon so they can be snapped up by kitten cravers. And I’m betting the stump has a sizable fan base. Thanks, as ever, for the delightful pics and commentary.

  3. Gretchen says:
    June 28, 2011 at 8:28 am

    Love the look on Maggie’s face in the nursing picture

    i can’t believe she looks stoned :p

  4. Oh wow. The Spice Girls. The McMaos. Mama Maggie! Erm… Maxi! Or Tommy?!?!! LOL!! Awww gorgeous, gorgeous kitties!!! I can go to bed, happy!! Take care

  5. The nursing pics kill me deed with the cuteness. Maggie is a saint. How is she getting along with the resident kitties?
    BTW, I LOVE this blog. The kitties, the chickens, the garden, Fred’s birdies, everything.

  6. I think Maggie looks like she’s thinking “just go to my happy place, just go to my happy place…lord, grant me patience…”
    And tree stump ownership seems very familiar…my couch, my bed, my box, MY bed, my cushion, my scratching post…look, lady, I said this was MY BED!! I let you share it so lay still!

    Oh, everybody is just gorgeous!
    Well done the Andersons!